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  1. I believe all the dreamcast games i have come with multiple file types. Is the expectation that i remove all of the .bin files when importing into launchbox? If this is the case and these files don't launch why are they included in the results when importing?
  2. Hello all. I've been working on this issue for a bit without success and finally had a breakthrough. My initial problem: Sega Dreamcast games would load when i use retroarch but would not load when using LaunchBox. I had searched forums/google and checked the usual culprits.... I had bios in the correct location My Emulator Name and Emulator Application Path were correct (and working for other cores). My platform is called "Sega Dreamcast" in LaunchBox as well as the associated platform tab I also looked into my drivers of my graphics card. No matter what i tried i couldn't launch any of my Dreamcast games by double clicking, or by right clicking and selecting either 'Play' ( or 'Launch With - Retroarch - Flycastlibretro...'). Then i noticed that i was presented with multiple "Play " options when i right click on the game. This lead me to notice that LaunchBox was trying to launch the first .bin file for each game rather than the .gdi file. When I go into edit the game and look at the ROM File all of my dreamcast games are assigned to the .bin file of the first track of the first disc. This seems like it should work but it just won't launch. When i change it to the .gdi file (or i right click on the game from the UI and select "Play (USA) (Disc 1) Version..." the game launches and plays great. I have a few questions about this: Is there a way, when importing my games, to have launchBox launch the .gdi files instead of the .bin? As it stands now i have to manually edit each game to do this. Is there a reason that I should use the .bin over the .gdi? If so, how do i get it to launch? When i look at other systems with multidisc games they seem to have proper auto setups to launch correctly. Also, when I look at the playlist files for retroarch i see that its defaulting to the .gdi file as the path item. This leads me to believe its the correct file to launch by default. However, i'm unable to see anyway to force LaunchBox to make this association and would appreciate any help!
  3. I've been asking questions about android on switch on other platforms and everything has been answered pretty satisfactory so when time allows i'm going to give it all a go. i haven't searched for an answer to this question so i apologize if its already been asked. What is the recommended way to set up LaunchBox on an android? Get everything dialed in on a PC install and copy/port to android? Or is setting everything up on the android device itself a better approach?
  4. Hello! I am a HUGE fan of the nintendo switch and i currently emulate using retroarch directly through Horizon. Well, I got to googling yesterday and now know that LaunchBox has an android app! I'm curious if anyone has successfully setup Launchbox on their switch? I've searched these forums and haven't seen any talk of such a thing and wanted to ask before i just dive in and give it a go. I wasn't aware of LaunchBox before this week so i don't have an existing PC setup. However, this looks like an amazing piece of software and I'd love to get it up and running on my switch (and even PC). Thanks in advance for any/all input!
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