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  1. Well mjandhj820, it was not that exact problem for me, I had found these articles and confirmed I did not have that box to use quotes checked. But. I did have the box below checked to use filenames only, not the full path. I unchecked this box and tada ... all work now. Not sure how it got changed, but I can see why it would cause problems. In any case, you are a gentleman, thank you for posting your findings and screenshots!
  2. Hello, I've tried a number of fixes for this but no success. The xml files seem ok (I.E. emulator / platform GUIDs are consistent) but retroarch will not launch when double clicking a game icon. This happens for all cores except Saturn (Beetle), which launches Retroarch, but then errors with "Failed to set last used disk" . This works fine directly from Retroarch, with same cores, same ROMs/images. I can also launch games fine when using other emulators inside of LB (I.E. I use native ppsspp and Dolphin and not the RA cores for these). I can right-click a game in LB -> Open RA,
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