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  1. Oh lord, I forced a windows update and there 91 updates in queue.... I guess Windows never checked if there were any updates (for once!). I'll report back in 10 years when these updates finish. Got it! Thanks, guys. All I needed was my Windows updated!
  2. Thanks for helping, Jason. So I used that installer to first uninstall net 4.8 and then I reinstalled... same error ? . And yes windows update says I'm up to date I just uninstalled, installed .net 4.0... then 4.7... then 4.8 and still no luck. I'm starting to think its not the .NET install thats messed up
  3. Okay so the repair tool did it's thing and that didn't fix the issue. I also tried to install .NET 4 and it told me that I have a newer version and wouldn't install. Any other versions I should try? I also ran the validator from the link above and it passed.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to switch from HyperSpin and I'm having trouble during the "initializing" stage of the installation. I have .NET 4.8 (Launchbox installed 4.7 but I installed 4.8 after this problem started) installed as well as the latest DirectX. I've tried to install it to multiple directories (like C:\ and the desktop as well as the default) with no luck. I get this error message. "Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: LaunchBox.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 5d93e07b Problem Signature 04: mscorlib Problem Signature 05: 4.8.3928.0 Problem Signature 06: 5d3900b3 Problem Signature 07: 4268 Problem Signature 08: 12 Problem Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: a5a9 Additional Information 2: a5a9402fc54fcc2a7bade94d1a528d1f Additional Information 3: 54ad Additional Information 4: 54ad4eb82afe9ec267acd7c765cc392b"
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