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    Teething Problems

    OK, the problem is fixed and to confirm - I had to rename my platforms to match the default "scrape as" field on the desktop app.
  2. LeSpank

    Teething Problems

    Hi @Jason Carr - thanks I'll give it a shot Edit - checked on the desktop app and the platform was already set to scrape as Sega Genesis. 😕
  3. I have exported my games over to android via the wizard and have everything working except for SEGA Mega Drive. When I select a game to play I am faced with a message that says, "You'll need to configure an emulator before launching games for this platform. Select an emulator, click the menu item to install it from the play store if necessary, and then click the back arrow." The problem is that the emulator settings are completely blank. I already have retroarch (and several compatible MD cores) plus MD.emu installed on the device (Galaxy S9). I don't even get an option to download anything even if I wanted to.
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