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  1. Hi All, Is there a way to get launchbox to load up a game in PCSX2 via Steam. I'm using steam for the controller support as I've had issues with just connecting the DS4 to windows (something seems off) and using DS4WIndows. Using steam for the DS4 controller support seems to work the best for me but I have to add PCSX2 to Steam for that and want to be able to launch straight from Launchbox. Any suggestions/help/advice would be very much appreciated
  2. Hi, Thanks for replying and apologies for the delay in responding. Yeah it surprised me too. Having started to look into it, I seem to have a version of Launchbox on my C:/ Drive and one on my D:/Drive. Just gone onto the one on my D:/Drive and everything's back but on 11.7.. just updated to 11.8 again and it seems fine now... hmmnn... starting to think I messed something up here.. anyway its worked fine now and everything is all good. Thanks again for responding.
  3. Oh god now I realise loads of my games are missing too, well won't be updating this again... absolutely fuming
  4. Anyone? Can't find anything when searching for an answer
  5. Hi all, I updated Launchbox (hadn't done it for sometime) and now all pics are missing. After some digging I can see it its pointing now to a folder on my c drive (everything is on d drive). Is there an easy way to re-point it to my d drive where everything is stored pics/games etc?
  6. If anyone is having this issue with Launchbox you can just remove the tick from enable game controllers within the options.. obviously this isn't much use for Big Box but at least I can get back to some racing games.
  7. This is also happening to me in Launchbox. I thought it was when I was using Launchbox and Redream together but it does it with Dolphin aswell. Seems to be when an emulator is open.. if you try and press L2 & R2 repeatedly with only Launchbox open it doesn't close it but if you have an emulator open it will close that Launchbox and for me google chrome aswell.... very strange. Could do with this being sorted pretty quick as I'm struggling to play racing games
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