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  1. I love your template! I have a question though. Do you have an updated version with drop shadow for the header, such as in this image? See the drop down shadow on the text "Games for Windows" and "digital DOWNLOAD"? I've been making custom box art with your current template provided in the download, however I just haven't been able to make the opacity of the header look right without the drop down shadow. I've been using GIMP which is complicated itself, things may be easier if I had Photoshop, however, I don't want to pay Adobe a subscription to use it. I would really be thankful
  2. True, but if you were like me you'd like things clean, consistent, and logical. I'm planning to redo all the boxart that was downloaded from Launchbox Games DB for games that were never actually on DVD-ROM.
  3. Yes, but it's still a digital copy. Within the box contains a serial, thus having DVD-ROM on the box wouldn't make sense.
  4. Yes totally. It requires me to search for an alternative box art on Google-images. I prefer minimalistic box art with no labels at all other than ESRB and the Studio that made it, such as the one below.
  5. I understand that PC games used to be distributed on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. What doesn't make sense now is a lot of modern games on the LaunchBox DB is still using PC Box Art with "DVD-ROM" in the title. This makes no logical sense and it really bothers me. The box art would look cleaner without "DVD-ROM" in the title.
  6. Anyway I can add clear logos to video game series like what can be done with a playlist, or will this feature have to be implemented? I want to add a clear logo like what can be done with playlist category.
  7. I understand what you are saying. That is why I'm trying to change the rest of the images I uploaded on the database to "North America", fixing my mistake by making launchbox put the images in just one location. Launchbox is pulling images from the North America folder only. There are 8 other images missing which is in the world folder, Launchbox isn't pulling those images from that World folder, it's only pulling from the North America folder. I'm trying to change every image I uploaded on the database to one specified region that way when users download the images via the Database, all image
  8. WTF? I tried changing the regions of all my previous contributions on the LaunchBox Games Database but I'm being rejected. Why??? I even gave an explanation for submitting the request "Needed to re-change all the regions of my previous contributions due to images not showing up in the Launchbox UI." I wouldn't even be needing to do this if Launchbox would pull from the location it puts the images in. Now I'm trying to fix my mistakes but my changes are being rejected.
  9. I'll just set every image to North America from now on to avoid any problems. I'll also go back and edit the regions of images I previously uploaded, what a hassle.
  10. So what is the best solution? Should I go back and edit the region on all the images I uploaded to the database and change them to North America? The reason I set "World" on some images in the first place is because I thought they were more appropriate because they didn't contain text with language tailored to a specific region, I set the region to "World" because it was just art.
  11. ~Sigh~ 😪. I have been uploading images to the Launchbox Games DB for the past 4 days which was all for nothing. Downloading the images via clicking the "Download Images/Media" button, not all images appear in the interface after clicking save. This is so troublesome! Launchbox still places the images in a folder that it chooses not to pull from. I hope with this video, you can truly see what is going on with the issue I am pulling my hair out over. Desktop 2019.10.23 -
  12. That's good news. Can't wait for it to be implemented.
  13. Well I guess you are right about me being part of the "niche userbase" that manually add images via "edit game". I'll just make sure to change the region from now on before downloading from the database. Better yet, if there is a really amazing image I like, I'll just add it to the database, which I've been doing the last 2 days.
  14. Okay I understand now "Launchbox assumes all games are USA or North America if a specified region wasn't assigned in the database". So my big question is this, will anything be changed in the code so that LaunchBox will now place all images added via "edit game" to the correct folder? Or will users have to continue to navigate using Windows File Explorer and put the images in the correct corresponding folder. All though the best solution would be to just change the game's region to the appropriate region after searching for and retrieving the game's LaunchBox DB ID, if I do this, every image I
  15. When downloading the images from the "LaunchBox Games Database" the images don't have the region in their file name anyways. The images are named after the game with each new instance of the image having a number, for example, Secret of Mana-01.jpg, Secret of Mana-02.jpg, Secret of Mana-03.jpg. So to answer your question "Do the images you are adding have any text in them specifying the region like (USA)? Because if not how is Launchbox supposed to know the region?" adding the region to the file name does nothing. Launchbox will still put the image outside its correct folder. Launchbox assigns
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