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  1. Hi everyone. Still kind of new to LB so this may be a common issue, but when I imported my collection of Super Nintendo roms in to LB Premium I received this error: Could not download image https://www.launchbox-app.com/Handlers/GameVideosDownload.ashx?t=4c1c1eed-e7bf-49b5-a398-c7126263857e&p=Super+Nintendo+Entertainment+System\EarthBound+(USA).mp4 for EarthBound: RushDownloader failed to download file. I imported many games and this only happened to a few of them. It seems the message means that either an image of video file for the game EarthBound could not be downloaded. However, if I look in my local folders I can find all of the images and video files related to EarthBound. Am I interpreting the error message incorrectly? Or perhaps it was able to pick up the image and video files for the game from a different source (I also have it check emumovies.com when I import games).
  2. Thanks Neil and Dead. Those gave me great ideas.
  3. Thanks DeadVoivod. I hate to bother you again, but I cannot find that option when I right-click the game. Here are some screenshots of what I am seeing when I right-click the game, and also one of when I go in to the edit screen. Which option under these menus are the one you are referring to? Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  4. I am running LaunchBox Premium. I created a new platform for Sega Master System. I used the wizard to import all of my ROMs for this system. Everything went well. However, I noticed my collection is a mix of North America, European, and Brazilian ROMs. I decided to right-click on the 'Sega Master System' platform and chose Add --> New Category. I created three categories under Sega Master System: North America, Europe, and Brazil. So far everything is set up how I like. When you click on the Sega Master System platform you see all of the games. When you click on any of the three categories (North America, Europe, or Brazil) it shows that no games are listed. My question: How do I move certain games from the Sega Master System platform to one of the three sub categories under it? I basically want no games listed when I click the Sega Master System platform and have all the games for it listed under one of the three sub categories I created (so if you want to play a European Sega Master System game, you have to click on 'Europe'). I tried dragging and dropping them, but that did not work. I don't care if I have to do it game by game (but a way to mass update them would be ideal). I just can't find a way to do it. Could anyone please give me some tips or advice? Thanks!
  5. I am currently working on setting up my first system (NES). I have the premium version of both LaunchBox and EmuMovies. While using the wizard in LaunchBox I chose to download all emumovies (SQ, HQ, and HD). Maybe I am wrong, but only one video will play in Launchbox. I would like the HD version to be used as the first option, but if none is available for that game I would like it to use the HQ. If none is available use the SQ. Basically I am looking for a setting in LaunchBox for video priorities. I see many priority settings in Launchbox for region, box front, backgrounds, etc. But i can't find one for video. Is this just a built in thing? How does LaunchBox know which version of a video to play if all three formats are available to it? Was I supposed to only choose one type of video (like HD) during the wizard import process? I was worried that not all of my games would be available in HD. Could anyone help me out and let me know? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info. I am off to get a premium account at emumovies.
  7. I have a free emu movie account. Does that mean I cannot download videos through the LaunchBox wizard and have to get them manually from the emu movie website. Or does it mean I cannot get any videos in any way from emu movies until I get a premium account?
  8. I have a premium license. I set up my first system (NES) and downloaded almost all of the USA ROMs for it (think it was close to 700 ROMs). I have an emumovie account, so when I imported the ROMs I chose to download all metadata and artwork for them. When everything was done only like 12 videos were downloaded under the videos/theme/ folder. I can see the 12 videos playing in LaunchBox off to the right (I do not use BigBox). They play for games like 10-yard Fight, Clu Clu Land, Balloon Fight, etc. However, I was expecting there would be a video for every game, well almost every game - more than 12 anyway. Did I do something wrong, or do I have to download the videos manually from emumovie myself?
  9. Hi everyone. I have my LaunchBox installed on my PC's internal hard drive. I have my ROMs on an external hard drive. I have it set up this way to save room on my internal hard drive. My question is when I loaded my ROMs I received an option in the wizard to download box art, images, movies, etc. I chose sure. I do not believe i was ever given an option on where I would like that art, images, and videos to be downloaded to. It downloaded it all to my LaunchBox directory on my internal hard drive (PC) at LaunchBox/Images/Nintendo Entertainment System/*. This is adding 5GB to my internal hard drive (just for NES artwork). Is there a way I can choose to store this same artwork on my external hard drive along with my ROMs? Basically keeping the LaunchBox executables on my internal PC hard drive, and all other files (roms, art work, etc.) on my external hard drive?
  10. Thank you so much. This is very helpful I can't wait to get started.
  11. Thank you Neil. Your second option sounds great. I am not much in to IT and have never installed Launchbox yet so this may be an obvious question, but... I can install Big Box on my main internal SSD drive and store the roms, chds, etc. on an external HDD drive. Then when I go to install a new emulator to Big Box I will have to tell it the location of the roms on the external drive and not to copy them over to my internal SSD? Then going forward, I will always need to make sure my external HDD is connected to my PC whenever i want to play? Is this right, if so I like this option because it frees up my internal SSD of all the rom and chd files.
  12. Hi everyone. I have emulators, roms, chds, images, etc. etc. all over my computer with no frontends. It's a mess. It's time for me to organize my collection....it's time...for Big Box. My plan is to use Big Box on a PC. I just like the look and feel over the regular Launchbox. I do not have a cabinet. With that said, my collection is taking up a lot of my internal SSD hard drive space (especially those pesky chd files). Anyway, my plan was to buy an external 2TB HDD drive just to store my collection and Big Box on. I would run Big Box right off of the external drive. I know running the latest and greatest games off of an external drive, while possible, is a bad idea because of overheating and such. However, small games are fine. Where would Big Box fall in to this? Is it too powerful of a program to run safely on an external HDD, or should I not have a problem? Anyone else doing this? I just like having such a big drive dedicated solely to my emulating addiction. I am not looking for portability. What do you guys and girls think?
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