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  1. still the same only appears on wii platform
  2. i did tried it on gamecube first but it doesnt recognized by the platform the iso is not showing when you choose the folder ti be imported
  3. when i use standalone emulator (dolphin) im using GC but when on LB its o Wii
  4. i download paper mario GC but it does'nt appear on GC platform but it can be play on wii platform is it a mistake by LB ?
  5. redlee

    ppsspp problem

    i solved it by un installing the amultios and just re download the ppsspp since im not playing online anymore i think the issue is with amultios
  6. redlee

    ppsspp problem

    ISO inside the winrar
  7. redlee

    adding box art

    make sure its the same name as it is in rom file or elae it wont work and make aure to load it again delete the rom and impoet it again thata what i did
  8. redlee

    ppsspp problem

    hi i'm having problem.with my ppsspp running in amultios when i start the game using LB it goes straight to emulator to pick the game and play it instead of starting the chosen game thanks in advance
  9. redlee

    adding box art

    is there a way i can add boxart ? some of the game i have dont have one when i import it
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