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  1. Everything being tied to Sprint on that phone is becoming a headache and I'd like to update but can't. I don't wanna waste your time on this specific phone so I returned it and will be buying a t mobile unlocked variant. I appreciate all the help you've put into this.
  2. Oh absolutely. I didn't mess with retroarch so probably didn't have it configured properly. It did crash on the J3 at the end of importing some mame games but haven't had time to try again. The G5 is my main concern since it's the main device of emulation.
  3. Last night I was able to import a couple games on a straight talk Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna on Android 6. The games didn't launch but it somehow got further than the G5 on 7.
  4. Ive tried updating to 8 but no dice. This Sprint model is locked down and can't be rooted or else I'd try that. That has to be it of yours works.
  5. In my case I'm on Android 7. Yours worked on your G5? What version of Android is it on and does it matter?
  6. About a minute of spinning circle. And yes I've tried internal storage and micro SD. Same deal.
  7. It's a Sprint phone that's not activated and just running on wifi. No idea if that even matters. Bought it strictly for emulation. Will factory reset and see if that helps.
  8. Still crashes. Moved everything to internal and external. Can't import anything. Sent the crash log in the feedback email when it crashes.
  9. Have moved app from internal to external and back. Same with games. Nothing works with my G5.
  10. Ok I tried it out on my OnePlus 3 on Android 9 and it seemed to import fine with the one rom I tried importing. The G5 is what I plan on mainly using for emulation and it crashes. That device is on Android 7.
  11. Launchbox crashes whenever I try to import games. Have tried different game folders and each time the app crashes. Have tried installing and reinstalling. Using an LG G5.
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