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  1. You Fixed it for me. It was PCmatic SuperShield. Temporarily disabled protection and it installed fine. I Should have remembered, this has happened on this computer before. Thanks for the reply! Closed topic.
  2. everything seems to be correct on my system with permissions, but I get access denied error. works fine on other .exe files, just not with Launchbox .exe install files. However launchbox 10.15 .exe opens up without problem. What's changed? I Even edited my registry and nothing works. What temp folder is it trying to open in? Windows temp or user temp? Because other .exe install programs open, something seems to be different about your install files. I wish I could figure it out. Ran system restore, no help. 11.7 installed on this computer. Permissions are full access. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thank you, you say import them with my NES roms? Makes sense.
  4. Worked fine for arcade roms and nes roms. When I imported the roms launchbox downloaded the images & artwork. But I have tried everything. When I import Famicom roms, launchbox seemingly makes no effort to import the artwork. It just imports the roms in less than 2 minutes. I've tried a new set of roms but can't get the artwork from emumovies. I have a subscription. (NOW on another machine I have the IMAGES. Can I take those images and put them where they should be in my machine that won't install them? Will they be recognised if I drop them in where they belong?
  5. It is very difficult to delete all the rom doubles. It is impossible to isolate -1 using the search function in windows explorer. I had to remove them one by one. why are these duplicates created in the first place.
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