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  1. Unlocked

    About This Theme
    The original idea I had for this theme was more complex I think but I didn't really like it when I was finished. Instead, I simplified it and tried to make it more clean. 
    I love the Colorful theme and how it has animation when selecting items and wanted to try something similar without actually copying it straight over. 
    If you have any suggestion I'm always all ears. The Theme Creator files are also included if you want to make any changes or additions as well.
    The Original Concept Theme Creator Files are my original design for this theme. If you publish either the dark blue or light blue version in the Theme Creator they are both usable themes. I just wasn't happy with them when they were finished.
    The Final Theme Creator Files are the files for the theme I decided to go with and upload.
    The No video version just has no background videos playing. The no animations version, has no lock or slide animations and no videos. The theme was changed a little bit so that the menus were still usable.
    Download the version of the theme you'd like. See the Notes section for a little more information. Extract the .zip files using windows explorer or your program of choice to your Launchbox/Themes folder. Go to theme settings in Big Box and switch to theme you like.  
    Special Thanks
    I have to give special thanks to @faeran for the wonderful theme creator videos on the Unbroken Software LLC Youtube channel. Also, I used Faeran's ESRB Images and Star Images in the original concept of this theme. Visit the Unbroken Software Youtube Channel Here  
    I also have to give a huge thank you to @y2guru for the very awesome Theme Creator. I cannot code and so without the theme creator I wouldn't be able to do any of this. Download the Theme Creator Here


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  2. Boxed In

    About This Theme
    This is my second attempt with the Theme Creator. I tried incorporating some things I"ve learned from the Theme Workshop Videos. I know it's simple but this one took me a while to get where I wanted while learning. I also tried to keep everything more clean this time so if anyone is using the Theme Creator Files they should be easier to navigate than they were in my first one.
    If you have any questions, comments, or requests please let me know. My week off work is coming to an end but I will definitely be using the theme creator some more.
    I created this on a 4k 55" tv at 1440p resolution with 125% display scaling. If you have any issues please let me know so I can try and fix them.
    Credits and Special Thanks
    I would like to thank @faeranfor the Theme Workshop Videos. I used the ESRB Rating Images from the Tilt theme and I used the Star Rating Images from the Modern X Theme. Download ModernX Here Download Tilt Here  
    I also would like to give a huge thanks to @y2gurufor the Theme Creator. It is awesome and I wouldn't even be able to try creating a theme without it. Download the Theme Creator Here


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  3. Simply Gray

    This is my first attempt with Theme Creator. I have been watching Unbroken Software's Youtube Channel and the Theme Workshop videos. I just want to say that I borrowed heavily from the "Tilt" theme to make this. I initially set out just to try and make a simple wall view but had fun trying to learn some of the different Wheel's and the theme creator stuff.
    Just an fyi, I can't code at all so apart from what I used from the Tilt workshop files and the Colorful theme everything was done in the Theme Creator. I will try and give credit for everything that I used below. The theme workshop files have really helped me begin to learn the theme creator and I feel comfortable now that I could probably make a design in Photoshop and recreate it in the Theme Creator.
    I initially set out just to try and make myself a simple wall view for the Tilt Theme but had a good time using it to learn.
    I did all this using a 55" LG 4k TV. I tested out a few different resolutions and didn't notice any problems. If you happen to run into any issues please let me know and I can try and figure out how to fix them. I know what little animation I used might be kind of janky but I will try and get better with that.
    I also didn't set any of the image views to play a background video except for a couple of the platform views that play the Colorful Theme. The Game List Text view will play a video and if you click on any game the Game Info Screen will fade out into video as well.
    I prefer the Colorful Video by @viking for the platform videos but I think any should look ok.
    Just download the .zip file for the version of the theme you want. Open the .zip file and place the folder in your Launchbox/Themes folder. OR Use your preferred software to extract it to your Launchbox/Themes folder. Switch between the different views until you find one you might like  
    Credits and Special Thanks
    I want to give a huge Special Thanks to @faeran and the Unbroken Software Youtube Channel for the Theme Workshop videos. These are a great help. I used the .xaml file from Faeran's "Tilt" theme as well as the theme colors that change on platform switches. I don't know how to code my own .xaml files yet. Download Tilt Here  
    I also want to give a huge Special Thanks to @viking I changed some of the platform colors around to match up with his Colorful Videos and used the Platform Clear Logo images. I also love the "Colorful" theme and it's a big inspiration. Download Colorful Here  
    Last but not least I'd like to thank @y2guru for the Community Theme Creator. With my extreme lack of coding ability I wouldn't even be able to play with making themes if it weren't for the Community Theme Creator.  Find it here: 


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