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  1. Yeah, sorry we couldn't pin down the issue exactly. I'm using the latest driver for my GPU (441.66) Mobo: Z87-GD65 GPU: RTX 2060 CPU: i5 4670K Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RAM: 16GB G.Skill TridentX SSD: Samsung 850 EVO PSU: Not sure, some random 650W
  2. For Launchbox, the test I did was just cycling through videos. Caching wasn't a factor, but as I changed image types my CPU usage only managed to hit 30% or so. I only have 8 games imported. I doubt Afterburner was the issue, as I observed the same problem on my new install. I never had it running anyway. For BigBox, I tried multiple themes. I still encountered the issue on default, but CityHunter 2 is my main theme. It's definitely related to VLC and loading videos on the surface at least. If the videos aren't there, it doesn't happen. If I remove the background video in Cit
  3. 1. I've mostly been configuring BigBox this entire time, but I just did a little bit of testing (a couple minutes) on Launchbox and managed to hit around 80% CPU usage with decreased system responsiveness. This is opposed to being at around 40% max with WMP. So far BigBox is the only one that managed to hang my system though. 2. 1909, newest. 3. I did on my old installation, currently no. 4. None.
  4. Thanks. I decided to install a custom version of windows that included WMP this time. Everything is running far more smoothly including scrolling between titles etc. My CPU usage doesn't exceed 30%. So for me, this issue is resolved. It might be worth looking into but most users will be able to just switch to WMP.
  5. Went ahead and set the program use only 3 cores of 4. It runs worse in general, but it won't reach the state where it freezes my computer. A temporary situation hopefully if customer service exists.
  6. Seems to be connected to videos playing. If I idle on the one game I have and let the video snapshot repeat, the CPU usage eventually creeps up to 100% or near it. I don't know how'd this play out if I was scrolling through games with new videos playing each time. I have no idea how to fix this, so if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd try changing the video engine to WMP but my system doesn't have it because I ripped it from my windows install (created a custom one) and the alternative ways of getting it haven't worked, so I believe my only option would be reinstalling win
  7. CPU: i5 4670K OC 4.4 GPU: RTX 2060 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO Hey, just got LaunchBox & EmuMovies premium and I'm just getting started. A bit saddening that I'm running into a problem rendering both useless, but whatever. I currently only have one game added as I set up the user interface. Problem is that after about 5-10 minutes fiddling around and traveling through different menus, my CPU usage skyrockets to 100% suddenly (seems to spike multiple times throughout the 5-10 minutes, but higher each time), causing my entire computer to hang until I can manage to get an escape
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