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  1. I know, I just said that lol. I was not trying to be mean or anything, but I told him at first that the images ARE downloading, they jsut are not SETTING... but then he replied saying "which would explain why they are not downloaded/shown"... So it sounded to me like he didn't actually read what I said... Then I said "I click Browse on the games selection, as if I were to change the folder where my Dreamcast roms are located... but instead of changing the folder, I just leave it as it is"... but then again he replied saying "Thats working as intended, Launchbox will look in it's own folder for added roms unless you change the path manually via the tools/manage platforms/folders/games tab." Like I said, I was NOT trying to be mean... AT ALL... I really wasn't. It jsut sounded kind of mean because I was askign a question directly referring to him not paying attention to what I said before... I apologize if it sounded mean... it just came out wrong. To be honest though, you jmsut did the exact same thing he did lol... you said "Neil was trying to help you.".. but in my last post before you said that... I said "Sorry I am not trying to be mean lol I know you are trying to help me"... lol. The messages that both of you replied to me with, just make it sound like you haven't been reading the thread... that's all. ;]
  2. Are you reading my entire messages? I did not change the location of the roms or the images, all I did was click browse AS IF I WAS GOIGN TO CHANGE THE PATH, but I DO NOT change it, I click browse and then I jsut click "Ok"... then I close the "Manage Platform" window, and then I scan for new games (in which LB will scan the EXACT same location that it scanned BEFORE I clicked the browse button to act liek I was going to change the folder) and then the games show up and everything works fine. Sorry I am not trying to be mean lol I know you are trying to help me, but thats just the second time you replied to me with an answer, that sounds like you didn't read what I said... sorry if I was coming off mean in this reply, I am not trying to be at all.
  3. btw, I have "Boxes" Selected. Same for all my consoles... even the WORKING imaged ones lol
  4. OK I just fixed it. I don't understand why this works like this, but it fixed it so I don't care that much. Basically I went to Manage Platforms, I selected the Supergrafx (wrong named one) platform, and then I went to the folders tab, selected the front box art option, then I clicked browse, but instead of changing to a different folder, I jsut left it on the folder that was already selected and clicked okay. Once I exited that menu, all the images finally showed. P.S - I also have a SIMILAR issue when I add new games, to a platform that I already have games for in Launchbox. Basically let's say I have sega dreamcast on launchbox with 5 games... But then I downloaded 5 more games and I put them into my dreamcast roms folder. if I go into launchvbox and I try to go to Tools>Scan For Added Roms>Sega Dreamcast.... what happens is the Launchbox tells me after scanning, that there were no new roms found. In order to FIX this issue that I have had evewr since I first got Launchbox 1 year ago, I have to do the same thing I jsut did to get the images to work... I go into Tools>Manage Platforms>Sega Dreamcast>Folders Tab, and then I click Browse on the games selection, as if I were to change the folder where my Dreamcast roms are located... but instead of changing the folder, I just leave it as it is, and click okay and close the window, and then I again go to Tools>Scan For Added Roms>Sega Dreamcast, the only difference is that this time is WORKS. If you have any idea on how to fix either or both of these issues... anyone... please let me know. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the earlier intended help ;] Jon
  5. Yeah I named it Supergrafx on accident last night when adding it because I got confused between that and Turbografx-16. But In the platforms "Edit" menu, I have it selected to "Scrape as" Nec Turbografx-16. Anyways, like I said in the OP, the images are downloading perfectly fine, but the images are not being set... If I right click a game that has no image set, and I click edit... when the Edit window shows up, it shows the images are downloaded. So basically ALL I HAVE TO DO, is right click a game, click edit, and then close the window that opens, and it sets the image automatically... I dont even have to click anything in the Edit window itself, all I do is click save/ok on the bottom left corner after it opens, and then the games image shows fine... i dont understand why it is doing that like that... I dont understand why it's working like that. Launchbox knows the images are there obviously, but for some reason it's just not SETTING a default image for those games. P.S - the games on that list that DO HAVE IMAGES, were added like 2 weeks ago all at once... The ones that DO NOT HAVE IMAGES set for them, were added last night. But I have changed NO SETTINGS since I added the first batch of Turbografx-16 games... so I dont understand..
  6. So I just looked in that options menu and here is what mine looks like. I have "Box Front" Selected, because that's what I want to be shown as the images in my library. Also, in the background of my screenshot, you see some games have images, and some don't... well the ones that don't actually DO, but those are some of the games being affected by this issue.
  7. So I have been using Launchbox for around 1 year now. But I have NEVER made an account on these forums until now... I have around 24,000 games for all different consoles... when I add games for a new console to Launchbox, I always have it download metadata, and I will download the metadata from Wikipedia/LB/EM, and I usually just leave the preselected image for each game, as the image that shows in my library. I just like to have the extra images so I can see other images of the game before playing them. Anyways, this is my issue... Launchbox is downloading all the Metadata and Images for my games, but after it's done downloading, it leaves the games IMAGELESS on my library list... Basically when I open LB and I see my game library, if I click my TurboGrafx-16 tab, my games have no images... even though the images are downloaded. This is FORCING me, to right click each game 1 by 1, and clicking "Edit", and then changing to the image that I want to use from the list in the bottom right corner of the edit window, and then I click save/ok or whatever the button is called. This will THEN set the image for the game correctly. I don't want to have to do this for every game, for 24,000 games... Can someone help me figure out why LB wont SET the image for each game, after it downloads the metadata/images? Thanks in advance!!!!! Jon P.S - I just realized that I never told you guys.... but I have NEVER had this problem for the entire year that I have been using Launchbox. Yesterday I was adding new consoles, and it was the first time this ever happened... but I have still not fixed it...
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