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  1. I recently assembled a RecRoom masters gameplay edition arcade Cab. What does everyone feel the best input method for launchbox is? I've found that in retroarch games, the start button doesn't seem to register, so I'm considering changing the input method. What method do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  2. Good afternoon! I imagine this has been addressed, however I cannot seem to find the exact answer. I am downloading an image from a website. Roughly 3tb build. I have a Rec Room masters Xtension arcade stick. It is the "Gameplay" edition. Does anyone have any experience with mapping this arcade stick to Launchbox? I do have a license for BigBox, and play on starting it up upon boot, I guess my question is what mode should I utilzie on it? D-input? Keyboard? Do I have to map every emulator? Or is there a front end I can map it to, like Retroarch, or Retropie? Thanks every
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