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  1. Hey everyone. I posted this in the pause theme forums but I couldn't really find any help. I have ledblinky set to show and speak game controls when pause is pressed but I installed a pause theme which overided ledblinky, is this not an option to run both or is there something I need to enable? Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have ledblinky working and I wanted to add a pause theme so I installed Big fade, problem is, is it seemed to turn off the ledblinky speak pause control function. Is this not an option to run both or is there a option I have to enable? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Not sure if anyone can help me with this, but everytime I try to go into reteoarch quick menu I hit f1 it goes into the quick menu but it only shows random symbols. Am I doing something wrong here?
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