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  1. Interesting. Just checked the list of WinCE games and fortunately for me, none of them are any I ever played back in the day nor do I have any interest in. Basically speaking though from what I gather: 1. Make sure the Launchbox Platform name matches the Associated Platform name within Retroarch 2. Make sure all the necessary BIOs files for the emulator are in the Retroarch/system folder 3. Make sure all the game's CUE and associated BIN files are in the same folder
  2. Ah, so that was the issue. I had only copied over the CUE file. I didn't actually realize the BIN files needed to be in the same directory with the CUE file. Apologies for these misses - I am new to emulators for disc-based consoles. In the past, I had only used emulators based on cartridge systems like Genesis and N64. It works now! Thanks so much for the help. I may be interested in Sega Dreamcast emulating at some point. If there are any special notes to be aware of when setting it up that you're aware of, would be interested.
  3. So now the issue is actually Playstation. Game runs fine in Retroarch using Beetle PSX HW but does nothing when I try and run it with Retroarch in Launchbox. As fromlostdays pointed out, the names match up and the three necessary BIOs files (scph5500.bin, scph5501.bin, and scph5502.bin) are in the Retroarch/system folder. See setup below.
  4. I'm running an i7-7700K with a GTX 1070 so might want to check that core out if I run any 3D Saturn games. This was just for Mortal Kombat Trilogy so nothing fancy needed. Appreciate the info though!
  5. Thanks for the info on the BIOs! I put the renamed Saturn BIOs file in the Retroarch/system folder and it did the trick. I will test out Playstation shortly and report back. Oddly, the standalone Yaba Sanshiro emulator runs the games I have just fine without any BIOs files in its directory.
  6. I am at my wits end trying to get Launchbox to load anything using Retroarch as an emulator. I've come across countless threads with others experiencing the same issue, with some never actually being resolved and others with resolutions that did not work for me. Posting here as a last resort before I finally call it quits and uninstall everything. Retroarch version 1.8.3 Installed cores: YabaSanshiro for Sega Saturn and Beetle PSX HW for Playstation Launchbox version 10.9 Installed emulators: Retroarch All games I have tried do nothing when clicked. I have even tried inserting -L "cores\(core).dll" into the Extra Command-Line Parameters and still nothing. It doesn't appear I am missing anything here. Let me know if more information is needed. Thanks!
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