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  1. Hello Jason, so I applied what Delin recommended me to do, it doesn't change much, however, I had a background application that runs an animated wallpaper on my computer. work and by stopping it I see that launchbox is a little more fluid, however I have a lot of margin in material resource it is strange but good finally. The weird thing is that at the very beginning I had absolutely no slowdown, now the images load much better, it's more fluid, it just lacks a little bit of optimization and it would be perfect, I know that it takes a very long time to get there, and that's why I support the project 300%;)
  2. Hello, thank you for taking the time to respond. So yes I can understand that sometimes the loading time can take time, the current situation makes that I have for the moment very few games, what seems strange to me is that once the images loaded in cache memory, When I leave and come back on it and the images reload completely, and that makes my machine slow down completely, it is almost frozen, I can do almost nothing! If you need other additional elements or a log file tell me, in addition I will buy the premium version to go further in the customization, I would love to solve this little problem which is perfectly painful, thank you very much.
  3. Hello, I am facing a very big problem, each time I select a platform on the left side of the application, I have great unexplained slowness ! When I open my task manager at this time, I have the processor which remains blocked at 100% for a few seconds, I do not understand where the problem comes from, do you have an idea? I leave you a screenshot and my configuration: I5 9600K 16GB DDR4 Memory SSD 1TO Samsung Evo MB Asus Strix Z390-F GC Asus Strix 2060 Super 8GO Thank you
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