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  1. Bingo. I think this one can be marked as solved. The auto hot key seems to have fixed it. Pretty cool! I was dreading having to explain to my partner that starting, playing, and exiting all the Just Dance games required three different controllers. She can handle two I hope. hehe Thanks again to both of you, I owe you both a beer. Cheers
  2. Auto Hot Key is something I have never used so I'm kinda flying blind on this one. Am I even in the right part of Dolphin? I received an error when applying the code, and it didn't change anything (still breaks the Wiimote BT) but I'm not convinced I did what you suggested correctly. Can you clarify a bit? Thanks. Edit: Or is this something to add in Launchbox?
  3. Thanks, I appreciate that. I was able to replicate the issue on my laptop today as well as another PC, exact same behavior. Unfortunately I only have the one controller to test this with as my Switch Pro Controller doesn't work with LB/BB. I did try using the controller wired USB as well and unfortunately it was the same, exiting the game via controller broke the Wiimote connection. I also tested closing the game from Alt+f4 on the keyboard and it behaves the same as ESC, it has no effect on the Wiimote.
  4. That is correct. I am using the controller in Bigbox to navigate and launch the game, connecting the Wiimote, then hitting ESC on my keyboard. When i relaunch a game it reconnects the Wiimote 100% of the time. When i use the controller mapped shortcut to exit the game in Bigbox then relaunch a game the Wiimote almost always fails to connect. Maybe a 5% success rate over 10 hours of testing and head scratching, the only thing that fixes it is reinstalling the drivers, which works every time. I should also mention that the shut down sequence(??) of the game looks a little bit different to m
  5. Hello all, Just spent a couple days setting up LB/BB and I think I have found an obscure yet annoying bug. I am using a genuine Wii bluetooth module wired up to usb and connected using dolphins bluetooth passsthrough feature (more info here). The module allows basically perfect Wiimote behavior, no dropped connections or "re-syncing" required. My ideal set up is using an 8bitdo Xinput controller to navigate and launch, (as well as play Gamecube games) then pick up a Wiimote to play Wii games. When it is time to quit or switch games i use the Xinput controller to close the active wind
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