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  1. I always have the fullscreen option on in epsxe, yet it still doesn't go fullscreen. I'll try out both the commandline and alt+enter.
  2. That's not the case. They're both mapped differently. I guess it wasn't that basic after all...
  3. I'm using the epsxe emulator, and the window can't fullscreen. It doesn't have a title bar, so I can't just hit the fullscreen button. I also tried both the Alt+Spacebar+M and holding shift and right-clicking the tab to hit the Move option, but once the move cursor came up, I couldn't drag the window for some reason. I would try, but the window wouldn't move, and after I let go, the move cursor disappeared and went back to the normal cursor. Is there some other way I can get the window to fullscreen?
  4. I'm running Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the PCSXR emulator. Player 1's controller is fully functional, but Player 2's controller doesn't work at all. In fact, Player 1 can control both its and Player 2's controller on some screens. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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