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  1. Thank you for the trouble shooting specifics. I will definitely give it a try after work today. I believe your correct about Big Box. Regular Launchbox ,I have no problem with. Just Big Box. You would think if one works the other would automatically after an update. I will keep you posted on the progress and outcome. Thanks again.
  2. After updating Launchbox, I could no longer open Big Box. Have no clue why or how to fix? So I may have to reinstall the software. Best and quickest way to do that without losing games? Thanks
  3. Hello, long time for me to respond. Had to get work done on PC. No keys were pressed. I even tried some other start up videos but that didn't matter either. The initializing Big Box pops up so fast, it won't even allow a 12 second start up video to play completely. That's how fast it pops up. My other game cabinet has no issues what so ever, which makes it more confusing for me. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. DeeMann


    Can someone send me a link of any kind that can teach me how to create and edit your own splash screen? THANKS!
  5. After updating to the new version 10.12 , one of the improvements was reduced start up time. For some reason, one of my game cabinets won't allow the start up video to run completely. It will quickly go to Arcade platform. Any ideas why? I would appreciate any help, Thanks
  6. Something happened because I have the same problem with both game cabs. The other cab won't allow me to play anything in LaunchBox/Big Box. All happened after updating games through EmuMovies.
  7. Hello,after updating my games with EMUMOVIES, some games will not upload to play. Is it a computer issue not being able to handle processing speed or is it a settings issue somewhere? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I have Launch/Big Box 10.10 and I use MAME for emulator. Everything has been great except for one small issue. In the OPTIONS menu, then to Controller menu, when I try to assign a button to a certain task, its not working. The task is highlighted in blue but when I hold down the button to assign it, it won't work. Where did I go wrong? I would appreciate any help. THANKS!
  9. I launched BIG BOX and everything looks normal until I select the game then click PLAY. It says NOW LOADING but game does not play and goes back to menu. If I click open with MAME, then I can select game to play. Which is basically the mame list .Simple and boring. Where did I go wrong with my install? Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I am new to this. THANKS!
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