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  1. Many thanks for advice given. To remedy this issue I installed SNES 9X Current core and games now work. LB is now a beautiful & joyous experience - AWESOME!
  2. I have core SNES9X 2010 already installed within Retroarch. What else can I do/ check?
  3. Thankyou. I am missing core files for all emulators. How do I correct this?
  4. I have found options at bottom of tools menu. I have no "manage emulators" option? Please advise.
  5. How do I access options? I have just done a google search to find out but no joy.
  6. Thankyou for fast response - how do I check associated platform?
  7. I have installed and setup LB using ETA Prime YouTube video. I am able to add SNES games, artwork etc. When I go to load a SNES game nothing happens. Games work fine using Retroarch on its own, but not through LB. Possibly a command line fault ??? Any advice hugely appreciated.
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