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  1. ah that's a shame. I'll check back in the future and keep an eye on developments then. cheers.
  2. I just purchased LaunchBox for my Nvidia Shield, I've been using RetroArch and Dolphin and LaunchBox looks like a great frontend and launcher for all my ROMs. Unfortunately I've immediately run into an issue which is that it doesn't seem possible to import my games. When I go to Import Games and Select Folder, it automatically puts me in /storage/emulated/0 and I can only select folders under this branch. I need to go UP a couple of levels to /storage/TOWER which is a mount to my NAS share which has all my ROMs. I can quite easily do this in RetroArch and Dolphin, but LaunchBox appears to be limiting me from selecting this path. Is this a limitation in LaunchBox, or am I missing the obvious?
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