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  1. thanks a lot for your help that works fine. is there somewhere that gives examples of how to fill in and use the various areas of the edit box as I would never have worked that out in a million years. only problem now is the sound on some games is a bit screwed up but to be honest if I really have load or sound problems I load them up in XEBRA using the built in bios, works every time. Now to work out how to add it to the emulators? thanks again so nice to have knowledgeable community members here
  2. many European PS1 games ( not all ) will not run with the beetle psx hw in launchbox and crash in Retroarch but will run if you run retroarch outside of launchbox and change to the pcsx rearmed core. PGA European Tour Golf (Europe) or (En,De)Pinball Power are good examples. A word of warning the new Retroarch (with the much better black menu) will not run European games at all. I do have the three recommended BIOS files and checked the checksums are correct. When trying to edit the file in launchbox the emulator selects retroarch but I can see no way to tell the launcher which core to load so it always loads the beetle core. Is there anyway I can specify which core to use
  3. not tried that, long time since i used retroarch as a front end so will have to re-familiarize myself with it. will get back to you. Certainly run in stand alone emulators. Have deleted roms from launhbox and reimported them several times, still in games folder in LaunchBox.
  4. been there done that still dont load in fact i think eta has done two videos on setting up neogo, followed both to the letter with the same result
  5. yes launchbox is a front end, hence my stating I am not interested in all the box art ect but you do have the ability to just display a list and load from that whereas most individual emulators ask you to load a game often from much abbreviated file names. this does not alter the fact that the tutorials are way out of date and when things go wrong and an error message shows up there is nowere to go to see were you have gone wrong
  6. just spent somehours and hours trying to get NeoGeo to work following tutorial LaunchBox Setup Guide NEO-GEO Using RetroArch.................. files go in, info shows but game never loads, the latest LaunchBox menu is completely different to the older ones but whenever i click OK I get "Please enter at least one applicaple platform in the grid" ??????????no idea what grid and what i am supposed to enter. .the tutorials are way out of date as they refer to previous old versions of LaunchBox with completely different tools menus. Neo Geo works fine with nebula ect and whilst I would like a list of available games (not interested in box art etc) I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that individual emulators is the way to go. the other problem is when when adding games i get a message "Please enter at least one applicable platform in the grid" What grid,what platform????. Cryptic messages like this are not helpful with out a list of error messages and their meaning and if possible how to correct the problem
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