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  1. well that works but perhaps a hints and tricks page would help never knew you could drag and drop its only simple if you know hpw as there is no manual for launchbox and many of the tutorials are out of date as the program keeps evolving so a manual would have to be edition specific would it be that hard for the program to pick up spelling errors or the fact that there are errors in the game ie no tracks. My fault for trying for two days to get the games to work and the interface to tell the games were to look has changed since i last added games so thank you all for your help and instead of beating myself up will come here first
  2. OK get that but what about all the other files that get imported it only needs the GDI file but I have to import them all then delete from the launch menu some of the files have over 30 tracks, Nightmare Creatures has 90 the only solution I have found so far is to leave the files were they are and delete all the tracks on the screen before you import them. Surely there is an easier way
  3. ok corrected and relaunched still no go even went to launch with retroarc flycast and still no go so typo not the issue now????? have found out what is wrong imported the game and edited out all the file except the GDI file as i did not want all the other files to show. and could find no way of stopping them showing on the launch menu. Obviously editing them out also deleted them from the games folder. Easy when you know how I originally seems a bit picky just had Dreamcast in the associated platforms tab does it have to be sega dreamcast
  4. right I have cleared the the dreamcast import and just imported i game Sega Rally 2 as I know this works fine in retroarch (not in redream as it is windows ce ) first 3 pics as you requested next two from manage emulators last one the launchbox screen I am trying to launch from hope these help
  5. sega dreamcast wince files as they do not run in redream but do in flycast when you floow a tutorial parts of which are nothing like the launchbox 11.2 and it does not work after two day of trying to work out what is wrong it gets frustrating. what exactly do you need me to provede you reply delayed had to go and empty the recycling (i am in france at present)
  6. that is the tutorial I used. most programmes tell you what the error is but launchbox does not a sends you to the forum were they just insult you it is not easier than retroarch i can get all the cores to work with playlists. Telling me I am doing it wrong is not helping, please tell me were am I doing it wrong. Y am not computer illiterate. .
  7. changed it to sega dreamcast same rusult. Launchbox has got far to complicated from its early beginnings and the tutorials so out of date as to be useless. Looks like you need a degree in computer science to use it.
  8. grey on black hard to see with my 77 year old eyes. Yes they run fine in retroarch if you have to do 1 &2 to get games to run then i will stick with retroarch as there is no clue as to what is wrong
  9. imported some dreamcast games into launchbox and they show up no problem but nothing happens when I try to launch them??? suspect they need custom command line parameters whatever the hell they are???????????? Retroarch paylists are far easier to set up even though it does not walk you through the setup wereas launchbox does then leaves you at the end when nothing works and no error code or explanation why. Also every upgrade completely alters the program??????? why
  10. this forum really needs a search function. I have added Dreamcast games to launchbox and they show up but do not load, this problem may already be answered but if so were. Added them using the NAOMI - ATOMISWAVE Reicast RetroArch - LaunchBox Tutorial substituting dreamcast for naomi and the flycast core as the tutorials are so out of date and bear no resembalance to the look of launchbox 11,2
  11. thanks a lot for your help that works fine. is there somewhere that gives examples of how to fill in and use the various areas of the edit box as I would never have worked that out in a million years. only problem now is the sound on some games is a bit screwed up but to be honest if I really have load or sound problems I load them up in XEBRA using the built in bios, works every time. Now to work out how to add it to the emulators? thanks again so nice to have knowledgeable community members here
  12. many European PS1 games ( not all ) will not run with the beetle psx hw in launchbox and crash in Retroarch but will run if you run retroarch outside of launchbox and change to the pcsx rearmed core. PGA European Tour Golf (Europe) or (En,De)Pinball Power are good examples. A word of warning the new Retroarch (with the much better black menu) will not run European games at all. I do have the three recommended BIOS files and checked the checksums are correct. When trying to edit the file in launchbox the emulator selects retroarch but I can see no way to tell the launcher which core to load so it always loads the beetle core. Is there anyway I can specify which core to use
  13. not tried that, long time since i used retroarch as a front end so will have to re-familiarize myself with it. will get back to you. Certainly run in stand alone emulators. Have deleted roms from launhbox and reimported them several times, still in games folder in LaunchBox.
  14. been there done that still dont load in fact i think eta has done two videos on setting up neogo, followed both to the letter with the same result
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