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  1. Thanks, Retro808 That's very handy. I watched instruction an old YT video. Good to know it can play randomly in Startup folder. Thank, Neil9000, for clarifying this issue. My pc always turns off when not use. Yeah, I just want to show off to friends when they come to play on the weekend. Many time, it's less impress when this thing happens. Ohh!! what going on with only sound no picture, hahaha, blah blah blah...
  2. Thanks, neil9000. Could you suggest me how to clone my pc to use on a new machine? I created a system image and stored on my backup HDD. As far as I know, that system image can only work with my pc based on the hardware ID. The PC is old like 8 years ago. I got it later year from OfferUps. I don't know how roughly it been used by the two previous owners who used in an IT and a gamer. I'm concerned that one day (hope not so soon), the mainboard or CPU may not work anymore. On my setup, I created 2 partitions; C and D. C drive is stored only Windows OS and all required app
  3. I not use any other video. I just created my own video and used it for startup. Yes, it's mp4. Below is the detail of my custom video; Video sizes 7.56 MB Type: mp4 Name: startup.mp4 ------ Video; Length: 25 seconds Frame width 720 Frame height 480 Data rate 2279 kbps Total bitrate 2437 kbps Frame rate 29.97 frames/second ------ Audio; Bit rate 158 kbps Channels 2 (stereo) Audio sample rate 48.000 kHz
  4. I have a custom startup video. Many times I ran into a problem that BigBox played only sound but no picture. If I exited BigBox and opened it again, the video played normal on sound and picture. This happened a lot. I can say it happen almost every times when opening the program from a cold boot. I don’t have VLC player installed but BigBox got a VLC built in already. Once I got to the platform/ playlist menu, all video worked fine. It is just the startup video that got a glitch. My startup video is 4:3 ratio, my screen is 1600x1200 also 4:3, and I use Default theme. Is this a b
  5. I found a problem. It was Windows 10 Real-Time virus detection. All of missing files shown in the protection history. Once I restored those quarantine logs, all folder sizes were matched from source and destination. Yeah, those quarantine files were from TeknoParrot, pc-based rom patches, game loader RH and config. Those files are crucial for TeknoParrot and Taito games to run. Windows detected them as viruses/malware. All false positives. If I’d had a chance to go back in time when building a pc arcade, I’d have picked Windows7 rather than Windows 10. For arcade cabinet, it has no n
  6. Hi there, I just completed my arcade cabinet setup. I spent a year and a half compiling, configuring, customizing details, and testing to ensure everything run perfectly on my arcade cabinet. All the hard work was done yesterday. Everything works fine now ,and it is about time to back up the whole thing. I hit Ctrl + A, then right click on a mouse and select "Copy." I put all emulators and roms to my backup HDD. Once it completed many hours later, I went to each folder to check the folder size ( do so by right click and select properties). I noticed the sizes were different from t
  7. Thank you very much, Johnny T I am appreciated on your input. That's exactly what I need. I never thought about this route but it really makes sense because Bigbox read xml too. Where is that xml located? and what is the file named?
  8. I'm new to BigBox. I need a guidance, please. I created many playlists. Many games in those playlists are easy to break if messing around too much like games on Teknoparrot/Taito/jConfig/Game Loader, while many are content not appropriate for the kids. Sometimes, kids and my friends want to play games on my arcade cabinet. What I am doing now is to go to each playlist, right-click to hide all games first, then unhide those selected games for kids. I have to do this process on every playlist and lock BigBox to show only Playlist view. This seems to work fine. When I want to play it,
  9. Hi folks, I am new to BigBox. My screen is 1600x1200 (4:3). MinimalX theme seems to work on this ratio. I just downloaded MinimalX 6.1, unblocked the zip and Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll, put MinimalX subfolder into ..\launchbox\theme\ folder, and ran it. When I switched to this theme, I got an error saying 'Could not load type 'Meta.Vlc.Wpf.VlcPlayer' from assembly 'Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows,...'. I don't have VLC Player installed on my PC. I just used a PotPlayer. I believe BigBox already got VLC player built-in. When I ran other themes like Unified Redux, Unified Refried, CoinOps, and Barto
  10. Thank you, Retro808. OH!!! I can't believe the feature is already in there but I totally overlooked. Now, I can launch either gamepad or arcade stick controller as desired. This helps me save tons of time. YAY!!! Btw, when I go 'Launch With...' and choose an emulator from the list (as shown in the pic), it requires me to click what core to run. In my case, 'GenesisPlus_GX_Libreto...' is only one core available to choose. It seems a bit redundancy for the need to require more one click. In general usage, we just associate one emulator with one platform and one core. I understan
  11. Hi LaunchBox developers and experienced advanced users, I've been searching for a solution that I'm not sure it’s possible to do an easy way or not. What I want to accomplish is I want to add 2 choices of emulators to run any individual game for the whole platform. Again!! I really mean the choices for the whole entire platform. Why? Here is a scenario. Many console games like Shinobi series, Street of Rage, Golden Axes, Gradius, R-Type, Mario, Kirby,...etc (far too many to list). They were designed to play with a gamepad in mind, right? But, I find out that they are super fun to p
  12. Thank you very much for the suggestion changes. I will change them all. Just one question, so I should read Demul close command like the way it is right? $Esc:: { Run, D:\games\nomousy.exe Send !{F4} }
  13. Hi Retro808, I thought no one posted here and I didn’t check. Thank you for suggesting me to use WinClose. I have many emulators closing command with either Send !{F4} , or Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} , or Process, Close, <program name>.exe. All the commands came from what people posted on many websites. I don’t know if those commands may cause unexpected problem later on. I would absolutely prefer using an appropriate command to close the program while the content is saved properly like you suggested. I currently have different commands to close different emulator
  14. No need to sorry. I'm the one who needs to thank you. You're the only one here coming to help. Working or not or does not matter, but intention to help is the most matter. I am appreciated for that. For a reference, I use this below script; Run,"D:\ARCADE CABINET\ROMs\ARCADE\Taito Type X\Gundam -Spirits of Zion\game.exe" Escape:: Process, Close, game.exe exitApp return I use DemulShooter on a rail shooting games. I cover all supported lists on TeknoParrot and working to make all Taito shootings work. I have one last game left is Elevator Action Death Parade.
  15. Oh, about the graphic glitch. It happens randomly if it runs on Win 10/7/Vista. It occurs when the game switches from a cut scene to gameplay or vice versa. I experienced this issue many times. I read on one post and one guy said he used Win 98 to avoid this. I tried and it didn't show any glitch yet.
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