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  1. I'll put it out there again. The most useful piece of info I'm looking for at this time (and which I already have code to deal with) is the HTML from Redump's online games list pages for consoles that need a membership to view. That's anything that comes up completely blank using my tool right now. If you have membership access at Redump, contact me. I don't need to share any passwords or anything like that. Just a few web pages you can browse and save the source code of for me.
  2. That would be a completely different tool, not something to incorporate into mine. It could be trivial to make download paths from the names in the output of the tool you mention, or it might be impossible. If I find some time I can take a look and possibly rip some of the code from my existing tool for it. The reason I don't use Redump DATs in this tool is actually pretty simple though. They're not as useful for 1G1R. That is, they don't contain any duplicate/clone info/relationships or all the necessary language info. If their DATS included all that, then my tool wouldn't be needed, existing 1G1R DAT tools would work, or could be made to work. Great (and simple) example: Japanese games that include or are marked English at Redump that aren't marked "en" in the DAT files. The information in Redump's online database is rich, it contains much more detail for every title than their DATs. Which is what my tool uses. The only thing that I have to provide manually is clone relationships/data. I've been meaning to expand my data, but it's a big undertaking and I just haven't had the time. But I do know how I'd go about doing it. My tool is also primarily concerned first and foremost with titles and their meta info (type of title, languages), not checksums , not file/dump format nor authenticity/purity of a particular binary (which is what DATs are actually for). So if you have (or are looking to get!) files that are dumped from some other source that doesn't match a DAT, including stored in a different format, it doesn't matter. I took a quick look at unexpectedpanda's Retool post and sure enough, he's added a lot more outside of the DATs the user would supply to make it work and to make it useful, including data I mention above, from Redump's site. I'll have to make some time to look at his clone data too. He hasn't been around since before Christmas and I don't get on here very often right now either, but I'll try reaching out to see how we can both leverage what we have so far.
  3. Glad to see everything still kicking here and Zombeaver still working miracles. No covid time-off lately so no time for dev or play unfortunately. And me sitting here with this amazing collection on a reasonably-powered PC, plus now a real C64 and Ultimate64 at the ready.
  4. If the games have the same name, duplicates are filtered out. If they have regional names, then filtering requires parent/clone data - and that is incomplete. I have plans to fill it in, just haven't had the time to move on that. Otherwise there is no ability at the moment to create an additional priority hierarchy for left-over regions or multiple languages. I've tried to keep this type of thing to a basic level.
  5. Search for T-Zer0 1.81 in google. Fifth result. TheCompany. It'll be a Windows implementation if you want it badly enough. OR, the Sixth result, IndieRetroNews for a version that will run on a real Amiga (and therefore probably emulation) - been converted to not require CD-ROM - but missing the CD audio tracks obviously.
  6. I have it. It's part of the overall WHDLoad collection, not necessarily this one. It's marked as "Demo" however, so maybe not a complete game?
  7. Email system is automated, check your spam/junk folder/filters to see if the reply message was blocked.
  8. One day I'll have to look at that source again. But now I have yet another hobby thanks to @Zombeaver - because of his attention to the c64 platform I ended up picking up two original computers, one of which need some repair love. And to make matters worse because we both really like all the benefits of emulation, I went ahead and also bought a modern FPGA implementation of a C64 which can do a lot of crazy stuff the original machine can't. So now I'm really deep in it and even (GASP!) looking at modern C64 games (ya, you told me so). So that's what's been keeping me busy lately outside of having gotten back to full-time working. 😆 My LB setup and PSX collection have taken a bit of a back seat, but that's the next platform I need to put some effort into.
  9. I tried a number of different things and ended up on a custom solution using .scummvm files for stand-alone scummVM - Retroarch can also use the same files, but I ended up making a script wrapper to launch the stand-alone app as it's always up to date and doesn't include a number of quirks I found in Retroarch's core. The net benefit of this was being able to import the .scummvm files into LB as games and maintain the use of its properties that are only available to emulator platforms.
  10. My tool makes its own filenames from the full information available in the Redump database which is much more detailed than any dat with respect to game attributes. If I can't get close to a full set of attributes, including languages, then I don't worry about making a filenames because they won't be useful to filter. For example, there are hundreds of Japanese games that have English language which are never mentioned in any dat. If I took those names and didn't process them as English, then they'd never show up in the generated list unless someone selected that they wanted specifically Japanese language. Someone with a redump account however can really do me a solid. I can provide them with instructions to get me the info I need for the tool very easily and without much effort.
  11. The page can scrape directly from Redump, but right now it's set up to use cached data if it exists - I have a time-out function which will allow automatic refresh (set to disabled for debugging right now) and also the ability to force a refresh. I'll see if I can make some time to enable the time-out feature this weekend or at the very least just wipe the caches. Do you have a redump account? Right now I'm missing data for Wii and other systems from that point onward, which I'd love to get cached.
  12. Benefits of using .scummvm Target/Pointer Files: Games open from Launchbox without an extra terminal window appearing The file can be added to LaunchBox as an emulator - no more emulator prompts from LB when editing game settings Works with any arguments added in LB's edit window (passes them to the ScummVM exe). Maintains all Launchbox features that are only possible when you have an emulator platform - startup and pause screens, etc. Parameters/settings can be changed for any game without editing a separate launcher file for each game The game text files only need their ScummVM Target names inside their text files and they can have any file extension Forces ScummVM to maintain its .ini file in its install folder instead of obscure appdata path
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