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  1. Has anyone cut down the MAME set to only include the top 300+ games we normally play? I need to cut down the romset (3000 is too many). I tried the 'All Killer No Filler' list, but noticed its missing 'Crusin'USA' so I can't trust its results. Curious what list you use to display the essential MAME games.
  2. For anyone with Teknoparrot working in LB - how do you launch Star Wars Battle Pod? My LB tries to open 'RSLauncher' but all it does is open the Teknoparrot UI, and not the game. Launching the game from within the Teknoparrot UI works great, so I know the game files are good.
  3. Hi everyone. Do Dreamcast roms in GDI format have to be zipped to work with LB? LB is trying to add each track as a separate rom (i.e. shenmue01.bin shenmue02.bin). Is there a way to add uncompressed GDI files to LB without zipping the entire GDI folder?
  4. Also seeing this issue. I'm on version 11.8 - update fails (with the OP message) when trying to move to latest version. Platform is now also unstable, such an unable to change views between Box Art and List View. Updated to 11.9 manually, and issue remains.
  5. Opening Launchbox, I'm greeted with the attached message, which reads "Launchbox is having trouble because it seems another application is using the file". Several reboots, and verification that the Launchbox process isn't in-use, the issue persists. Clicking OK, Launchbox then loads. However, it doesn't seem to work correctly because I change the view to 3D BOXES and nothing happens (list view doesn't change). A pop-up asks me to update, I say OK, and I'm presented with the error again. I then manually updated to 11.9 using the latest installer, but the issue persists.
  6. Solved - for anyone else who might need this. To create folders in the drive using file names as folder names copy the line below exactly: for %i in (*) do md "%~ni" To move files into the folders you created copy the line below exactly: for %i in (*) do move "%i" "%~ni"
  7. I have a folder with pairs of bin and cue files. Each bin and cue is named the same, i.e. wipeout.bin wipeout.cue Is there a useful batch file somewhere that can move all files with the same name into a folder? I'm looking for an easy way to move my PSX bin and cue files into folders so I don't have to manually create 1000 folders.
  8. I'm going to grab a light gun from the following site and will let you know how it goes: https://arcadeguns.com/
  9. Its a noob question - let me know if another section of the forum is more fitting. I'm getting into collecting old SNES and N64 boxes, and could use tips on spotting fakes. For example, please see the below from Ebay - I feel like these might be fakes, but don't have experienced eyes to know what to look for. The boxes looks too clean: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GoldenEye-007-Nintendo-64-1997-Box-Cart-Manual-Tested/274552183164 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Super-Mario-64-Nintendo-64-N64-Box-and-Insert-Only-N-MINT-WATA/392890800070 Can anyone with experience offer tips on what to look for when buying old boxes and cartridges?
  10. While download Metadata for my library, I see some Error messages like the following. Could not download images for Resident Evil: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Could not download Metadata or images for Resident Evil: Could not find file D:\Launchbox\Images\Playstation\Resident_Evil-05.png Does error #1 mean the IMAGES folder for my game is corrupt on my HDD? The second error is throwing me off - why would Launchbox have an issue downloading a file if a specific file isn't already found on my HDD?
  11. When scanning for new metadata, I see the following checkbox: Remove Roughly-Matched Duplicate Images (Recommended) What exactly does this do? It sounds like it identifies if an image already exists on my system (that matches the online database) and deletes it and re-downloads the new image.
  12. I've finished my Launchbox build and have all Light-Gun games working perfectly (with controllers and mouse) such as Time Traveler and Mad Dog McCree. I now want to build my first Arcade Cabinet. Does anyone have advice on a simple USB 'Light Gun' that might work well, based on your own experience building cabinets? I haven't seen too many pre-built Light Gun cabinets for less than $1,000 (correct me if you know of one), so I figured I'd build my own since I have the HDD working perfectly.
  13. This must have been user error on my part - I setup the parallel CORE again and it worked perfect with two N64 controllers. Honestly can't explain it, but def. user error. Do you have any guidance on how to easily NULL controller inputs? Goldeneye was playing like a dream until I discovered (when opening in-game doors) that the ACTION and WEAPON buttons were both triggering together. Scratching my head again, I realized that Retroarch pre-populated duplicate-inputs for some keys the N64 controller doesn't have (such as X and Y) and I think this is whats messing me up (i.e. two input buttons mapped to the same function).
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