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  1. I was excited at the release of Amiga's 'Raid over Moscow', and I want to integrate this into my Launchbox collection. I'm using FS-UAE, but the program won't let me easily add a new game. I dropped the rom into the directory being scanned by FS-UAE, but its not coming up in the program. I recall something about FS-UAE only showing games that it has an entry for in its online database. I then tried to manually add the rom into Launchbox, but when LB executes, it just opens the FS-UAE emulator (not the game). I then manually drag/drop the game into the FS-UAE 'Launcher', and it all runs perfectly. Very confused ... all I want to do is add a new game to FS-UAE and integrate it with Launcbox
  2. I really like the 'Unified' theme, but the placement of the graphics on my screen appear to be slightly off. Is there a recommended screen resolution? I've tried a few, but lately I've used 1920x1080. Unified (original theme) - Game Boxes appear too close to the game wheel on the right-hand side - so close that it cuts off words. Unified Re-fried - Same issue. Unified Ultra-Wide - The letters in the Game Wheel on the right-hand side seem small and hard to read - I wish I could increase the font.
  3. This is the best curated C64 collection I've ever seen. Its like a modern GameBase64. I love the wooden background theme you use for LB - whats the name of the theme? I'd like to try it with my own LB setup.
  4. Can Flycast also run Hikaru roms? I was trying to get Star Wars Arcade Racer working - MAME doesn't support it at the moment, so Demul seemed like my only option. Or is Flycast just for Dreamcast/Naomi?
  5. I've been using Demul for a while (latest version), but suddenly the GUI stopped working for no apparent reason. Launching the .exe would flash something, I can see Demul running in the taskbar, but no GUI. I re-install Demul and it works for a while, then the same thing. I don't think Demul has an audit log, so I can't see what the error might be. Definitely odd ... curious if anyone has ever heard of something like this.
  6. Hi everyone, I've finally got Amiga working and only have two outstanding questions that I can't seem to figure out: 1) Can the mouse-click be mapped as a hotkey to a controller? I don't see this as one of the key input options. Many games require a mouse click on their title screen, and it would be cool to do everything with a controller. 2) Has anyone seen the action_warp feature actually work? As a comparison, I know with C64 you can speed up the drive and watch it load lightning fast in real time. Is that what this is supposed to look like? I tried mapping the warp feature to a few keys, but it doesn't seem to do anything when I load games and try pressing the buttons. At what point in the boot process can I use action_warp? 3) Eirulan's UUID Exporter doesn't create an export folder for any custom configs I create in FS-UAE. Shouldn't it do this by default? I added the new ADH game into my games directory with a custom config, but the exported just seems to skip right over it. The same happens for any games that I apply the atari-color-fix to ... a custom config is created in FS-UAE but Eirulan's exporter doesn't export them.
  7. Some of my games are using the wrong image for Box Art. Lets say I want to change the Box-Front image for N64 'Goldeneye'. 1) How do I name the new image? I see that images don't adhere to any naming convention in the IMAGES folders. Does LaunchBox look for a 'best match' for an image named 'Goldeneye' in the 'Box-Front' folder? 2) Where do I place the new image? My IMAGES > NINTENDO 64 > BOX-FRONT folder also contains sub-folders named North America, World, etc. Not sure where I should place my new image for LaunchBox to associate it with 'Goldeneye'.
  8. I've gotta call myself out when I was wrong. Turns out I had the 'A' key on my controller mapped to Launchbox's EXIT, so when I would try to select a platform (pressing A), it would exit Launchbox, and I thought it was crashing
  9. I finally got this running, using tips in this thread, and modifying the hotkeyscript: 1) Run citra-qt.exe (also make sure the emulator path is pointing to this in LaunchBox) 2) Set a checkmark on menu View->Fullscreen 3) Set menu View->Screen layout->Large screen 4) Enter the following 'RunningAutoHotKey Script' in CItra's emulator config in Launchbox: Sleep, 1000 SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {F11} Return 5) To create settings to smoothly exit Citra back to LaunchBox: In Launchbox, tools>options>Game Controllers>Mappings - assign 'Exit Game' to something like the START and SELECT button at the same time (Button 7 + Button 8). Launch a game from Launchbox, and it should load full-screen in CItra with no bars. Then press/hold START and SELECT and it should exit Citra and return you to Launchbox.
  10. Big Box has worked fine for months until today, when I assigned a Xbox-One controller hotkey to “Close Active Window” (the keys 'start' and 'select' together). I could then scroll through the platforms list with the controller, but when I select a platform (like Super Nintendo), Big Box crashes to desktop. Attached is my debug log. Big Box works fine with keyboard, it just crashes repeatedly when using my controller to select a platform. I then went back and removed the hotkey assignment (thinking it was the culprit), but Big Box still crashes. Debug 2020-04-24 08-20-04 AM.log
  11. Hi everyone. I'm having trouble figuring out where to assign an Xbox keymapping to Exit back to Big Box from an Emulator. Launchbox current has this feature, auto assigned to the START and SELECT keys (at the same time). Pressing these closes an emulator and returns me to Launchbox. This doesn't seem to work for Big Box. In the Controller Keymapping section of Big Box, there are values for 'Exit', but this only closes Big Box. Where can I find the same hotkey functionality to exit an emulator as Launchbox?
  12. I have a ton of Windows games on an external drive. How can I add these to Launchbox? I'm fine with manually selecting the EXE to import them one-by-one, but when I select the platform 'Windows', it then requires me to choose an emulator, which Windows games don't need an emulator. Whats the best method for me to import these Windows games? Also ... why does the Windows platform require choosing an emulator??
  13. This thread is perfect, as I want to upgrade my drive (buy a larger one) and change the drive path from D to something like M. Do you guys have any guidance on what drive letter you use? I've figured that D is already taken on most PCs, so for future use I'm considering re-assign it something way out there, like 'M'. Has anyone out there successfully changed the drive letter and not destroyed their LB installation?
  14. I have about 300 Windows games on an External drive. Do I need to manually add these into Launchbox one-by-one, or can I use the Import>Windows Games feature to do it for me?
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