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  1. When I play a game , the snes emulator opens but not in big screen, I have to beat the crap out of my mouse / mouse pad for cursor to become available or seen to manually make it big screen. Is there an automatic way to set it up so it appear to be big screen when I push play? Or should I switch to reteoarch ? Another question- if I install the reteoarch emulator system app, does that work on all console? In which I dont need to separately download sega, dream cast, nintendo and etc emulators?.
  2. @c-Beats ( sorry i dont know how to tag). so i just made the jump and purchaed BIG BOX and wow - that seem to have fix the lags and scrolling. Everythign seem faster. But now i have a different issue.. not really an issue but more of --- needing to understand how things works. like when i originally installed my snes games - i selected the snes emulator to play the roms. is this what ppl normally do or do they choose RETROARCH ( i read it somewhere that this was the more popular chose?) As i am scrolling through my games, i push enter and play - the snes emulator window comes up s
  3. so by lag - i mean when i am scrolling up and down in launchbox, it doesnt move or flow instantly (maybe thats normal with the amount of games?). when i push play to play the game, a new window open (snes emulator) and then it plays the game like normal but that process seem to take a bit of time. i just remember it being much faster (i set this up before few months back and now just getting back into it). Do i need to do something with the Cache that you mentioned earlier in your message above? also, i notice a few game images are missing - is there an automatic way for me to loa
  4. Hello how did u added ur games to the launchbox I feel that I might've selected an option that cause my setup to not function correctly. The video on youtube that I found seem to be very old and outdated.
  5. Hello thanks so much for the response. So your saying it takes a bit of time for all the stuff to complete. I still notice a bit of lag and I have about 1000+ snes games. I plan to add sega games but fear the slow trend may continue. Not sure if om doing the setup wrong as the videos I'm watching are the old outdated ones from years ago. Do you know of any current YouTube video that is the right way to add games into launchbox? If I update to big box will this help at all? Still a newbie in all of this. I see some really nice setup vs mine - kind of blah. Is there a templat
  6. Hello All, i just completed setting up launchbox and added all of my SNES games. i have added about 1000+ worth. as i was navigating through the games - its seem to be very laggy and slow. When i push play - it works fine. could the slowness be due to too many games inside of launchbox? i have a pretty good laptop with corei7 and 16gb of ram. its not a gaming laptop but for the most part works pretty darn good for everything else even for some steam games. just trying to understand what went wrong. I like the idea of launchbox and throwing all of my games there - although i may not play off of
  7. Hello everyone - i am new to the LaunchBox Community Forums and am very interested in setting LaunchBox on an old laptop of mine and pretty much just using an HDMI cord and connect it to my TV. But before i get too deep into it I am very curious to see how other people are setting up their launchbox -what machine you are using, what controller and etc. Just want to get ideas so that i can easily set this up in my living room for my kids. Images would be nice! Thanks in advance.
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