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  1. Just a quick informational update. Yesterday I manually added some video snaps to all the games in my steam category that were missing them, and now the "stuck image" is completely gone from that category. Every game in the steam category has a video associated with it now, and the videos all appear correctly in the background. The additional still image that has been getting stuck does not appear at all if the game has a video in it. I went back and checked and all the games that generated stuck images all A) did NOT have any sort of video file associated with them, and B) the stuck image that appears beneath the 3D box was ALWAYS the exact same image Bigbox was using as the background image (because it did not have a video file it chose one of the gameplay files). I'm still not sure if this is coincidence or if there is something to this, but I definitely think the issue might be related.
  2. I've taken three screencaps to try to explain what happens. (BTW I reduced the images from 4K for size consideration, and I am assuming the screencaps are showing my marquee from my second screen because that is just how windows screencaps this arrangement? I did not edit it out in case it is contributing to this problem somehow.) A - The game Skullgirls is the current selection on the wheel, and it looks fine. Video snap background is correct, box art is correct, etc. B - Move the selection up one spot to Metal Slug XX, and it looks fine as well... except it has now introduced a new stationary image under the 3D box, but the image is for this game. C - Move the selection back to Skullgirls and that new stationary image box is "stuck" from Metal Slug XX. If I keep scrolling through other games that stationary image from Metal Slug XX remains "stuck" on all the other games until it encounters a new selection that populates that image slot, then the stuck image rotates to be replaced by the new image. Then THAT image becomes "stuck" between selections, and on and on until you either play a game or leave the category. Then the stuck image goes away, but it comes right back as soon as you select a game that invokes that stationary image spot again. Honestly this additional image slot feels unnecessary to the visual look of the theme and I wish I could just disable it entirely. I also don't understand what "invokes" this image spot, as every game in this category has stationary gameplay images but only a few games populate that image spot. Interestingly I've noticed the games that tend to populate that stationary image spot tend to be games that don't have video snaps or other forms of theme video to run, and they display a still background. I'm not sure if this is related or just coincidence. And it goes without saying this happens in every single category I have, not just this category. It is just worse on my Steam games as many of them do not have video snap backgrounds.
  3. Thanks for the response and help. I checked and i do not have that Nahimic app installed. I also double checked and I'm running the most recent nVidia drivers. If it matters this is on a Windows 11 system that is running dual monitors (one main for gameplay and one secondary for marquees). Everything on it seems to be working perfectly fine in both Launchbox / Big Box as well as my emulators and games. The only persistent glitch are these stuck images in the default theme. Previously I had a problem with my marquee display not working using a different theme, but I found a thread from someone who had a similar problem saying to delete a cache file and it fixed that issue instantly. Are there also cache files for these secondary images in Big Box that might be causing the image retention? Edit: OR, is there a way to just disable this image in the theme? I like seeing the game boxes and all the game info with the video snap behind everything but this additional image that is bugging out seems superfluous and if I could just turn it off it would probably solve my problem completely. Thanks!
  4. I recently switched back to the default theme and have noticed an annoying "glitch" that I can't figure out how to fix. What happens is on the game information screen it displays the video snap as the background, it shows the box art in the center, and it displays game info on the left. Occasionally a game will have a second image below the box art that is either a start screen image or a gameplay image. I'd say the vast majority of my games do NOT display this image (even though they have these images in their media), but every now and then one does. When this image appears it gets "stuck" between games. For example, if I am in my arcade group and navigate to Centipede it shows the background snap video correctly, the box art correctly, and the game info correctly. I move my selection to the next game which let's say is Defender. Defender also shows the background snap video correctly, the box art correctly, and the game info correctly, but it also has a second still image below the box art of the title screen. When I move my selection BACK to Centipede, the screen appears as it did before except the Defender still image remains on screen... stuck. If I exit out of the arcade group and go back in the stuck image is gone, but if I navigate back to Defender the stuck image will return. The stuck image will only disappear if I leave the playlist I'm in or I encounter another game that displays something in this image slot. In that case the image will rotate and replace itself with the new image, but then that image will become stuck navigating through the games in the playlist. Occasionally I will find a blank black box image in this position that becomes stuck. I'm not sure how to fix this. I've refreshed images and poked through the theme settings trying to find a way to disable this additional image spot, but nothing works. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks a lot for the help, and thanks for the edit with the example. I tried it without the example to go by and it wasn't working, but now that I know the exact style to use it works. I've tried that script style on two games so far that use different cores and they both work with "play" now, so I'm off to add that style of entry to the others.
  6. I'm very new to Launchbox / BigBox and emulation in general. I just built my own emulator cabinet and have been feeling my way through the settings for LB/BB and Retroarch (and its various cores) using very helpful YouTube videos. I've managed to fix almost all of the setup problems I've encountered just by googling, watching help videos, or simply searching through various menus and flipping switches that seem like they'd fix the problem at hand. Everything seems to be working now and when I encounter issues I'm just capable enough to fix them, but I still have a bit of a nuisance that I'm trying to smooth out. My problem is this: I have several arcade roms in the general category of "arcade" that need different retroarch cores to work. I've entered multiple entries in the retroarch associated platforms for "arcade" (arcade - mame, arcade - fbneo, arcade - mame 2003, etc.) with fbneo as my checked default. Then when I need to play a rom that doesn't work with fbneo I can just go to "launch with" in both Launchbox and BigBox and pick the correct core and it works... that said, the question I have is: is there a way to make LB/BB remember this setting or to manually assign a retroarch core so all I have to do is just hit "play" once the correct core is associated? Or is this a rom / platform organization issue that I need to address in a different way? (hopefully that doesn't involve removing all my roms and replacing them with pre-curated core sets) Thanks!
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