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  1. I bit the bullet and just deleted the games it was refusing to import, which was roughly 15 that I didn't really need anyways, and now it's importing all of them fine. I'm still not sure why those particular games weren't working, and my issue hasn't technically been solved, although I've worked around it for now.
  2. I tried dragging and dropping the .cue files from Windows itself and while it doesn't give me any errors, it only imports 345 of the 1400 games I drag to it. Again, it's seemingly randomly not importing certain games. If I search for a game I mass dragged to Launchbox that it didn't import and import it separately, it imports fine. To be clear, all my PS1 games are working fine, and can be individually imported to Launchbox just fine, but when I try to import them all at once, whether dragging and dropping from Windows or using the built in import feature, it just doesn't import 70% of them.
  3. Ok, I went ahead and did as you suggested and it's at least in the process of importing now. Once it finishes I'll update with any errors that appear. To be clear, the issue I was running in to occured when I chose to import ROMs using the option located within Launchbox, under "tools -> import ROMs. So I would hope it's a valid way to import ROMs...
  4. Yes, I will try it that way as soon as it's done importing my Wii games. Might be a while.
  5. It doesn't even get to that step. The issue occurs when I'm trying to tell it which games to look for. I input *".cue" in the search bar, press CTRL-A, and then press OK. It'll then give me the error for a random game. Edit: the game that gives the error isn't random, per say. It's always the same offenders. If I delete the game from my library the error for that game goes away. The issue is the error message I get doesn't list the entire name of the game, so it's hard to find which game it's having issues with, and some of the games it's refusing to import I really want.
  6. All of my PlayStation games are in .cue/.bin form. When I try to import just the .cue files in Launchbox (using ".cue" in the search bar), random games will throw an error, saying "game doesn't exist, make sure the file is in the right location". It doesn't do that for all the games, and it doesn't do that for any other platform. I'm currently importing Wii games the same exact way from the same HDD and it gave no errors. Once my Wii import is finished I can give more info on the issue I'm having, but I figured I'd ask if anyone else has had the same issue. Edit: I've also confirmed the games that throw errors and refuse to import do actually work and play fine using Retroarch directly.
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