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  1. It's still too expensive, as you said, my opinion. I wanted to at least convey that instead of just pass by without saying anything, if you are selling well enough then there is nothing that will change about it; but I wanted to say something at least. I hope there is some consideration into that someday down the road is all I can hope for. Take care.
  2. It's $105 Cad according to the store page. The other one expires within a year, which if it still lets you use the big box after that is still a little pricey but more manageable. Going triple digits though is, quite frankly, too much. Going over the price of a triple A game that cost millions to develop isn't quite a fair comparison either. I don't agree with you, sorry. I know my opinion is going to be shrugged off; but most people that see that are going to just move on and not say anything; so I wanted to at least say something. No offense to the product, I think they are doing
  3. Yeah it's over $100 here; it's really just too expensive honestly.
  4. I had heard about this software before and I finally decided to get around to giving it a go; and was going to spent some money to unlock the big box option, help me pass the time since schools are shut down for a while here. Imagine my surprise when I find out it's not $15 or $20 but it's over $100! That's crazy; it's great software but that's way beyond just interest budget. It's hard enough as a uni student, I don't know how people are able to afford that, especially with all the current problems going on. I know this is the actual fan forums of the program so I expect to
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