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  1. Thanks for trying to assist me. I do not know that game but looks worth a try. My progress with this is slow. I used the Dolphin emulator to try the Wii Dragons Lair route but that would not work as it appears my graphics card does not support Open GL.
  2. Thanks for your response. Ideally I would like other games but DL1 and 2 are priority. If I go down this route, do I need a Wii emulator which I can launch from Big Box and do I need to buy any game or DVD or can I access somewhere?
  3. Thanks. I managed to get Dragons Lair working on Daphne but I cannot get any of the other games as when I click Start, it says it needs to download files but then I get an error .Torrent file could not be downloaded. My AV software and Windows Firewalls are all dissabled. Any ideas?
  4. Hi All, I have recently built my Arcade machine and am using Big Box. I only have Mame emulator and some roms. I would like to add some more emulators and games and am particularly interested in getting Dragons Lair on it. I see there is a thread for recommended emulators so I will take a look at that but I was wondering where I can obtain ROMS for other emulators? I have also downloaded Daphne but see I need a DVD for Dragons Lair. I have looked on eBay but they seem to be quite highly priced so I was wondering if I have any other options? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just purchased and applied the license. It now looks amazing. Worth every penny!!!
  6. Thanks for clarifying. As I say its all new to me. Pleasuredome are not accepting new accounts so looking at your other suggestion. Appreciate your help big time.
  7. Thanks again for your help. I will take a look. What do you mean by maintaining ratio please?
  8. Many thanks for your response, it really is appreciated. I will purchase the license now so at least I can explore the additional features, I didn't want to over complicate things. I think my ROMS might not be fully compatible with the MAME emulator version I am running so planning on downloading new ones but cannot find a site where I can download the full set. I found another site but again they are asking for money for the password to unlock the Zip or to purchase a 1TB drive from them with everything on. I am looking for the simplest way to get the MAME roms and associated files. I would like Dragons Lair and other emulators but that will have to come in time as I get used to things. If you could provide any links where I could download a full set it would be greatly apprecaite. I also found details about merged and split. Is merged the easiest way but takes up more space? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi All, A real newbie here with a lot of questions so I hope I can make some progress by asking on here and apologies in advance for the long questions? I am in the process of building an Arcade cabinet. My goal will be to have a large collection of games with different emulators but as a lot of the games I like are the retro arcade games I am happy to just get MAME working well for starters. So for starters I purchased some MAME collection which came with a sort of front end Arcade.EXE. I came across reviews of various front ends and saw several recommendations for LaunchBox so thought I would give it a try and the videos of it looked good. I have downloaded and installed it and imported my ROMS but my experience is far from good and I think I have problems in two areas: 1) The LaunchBox does not look good (Is this because I need to buy the premium)? In video’s I see a nice wheel type selector etc. 2) I see a lot of game covers which do not do anything. Maybe I don’t have these games although some I do have and don’t load. My original Arcade.EXE did not have the Mame.EXE so I downloaded the latest so again this could be the problem. As I am new to all this I want simplicity until I get the hang of things so to begin with, where would be the best place to get maybe a new more complete set of ROMS which would match my MAME version? Secondly, how do I get LaunchBox to be a better experience i.e. Look better, better Menu/Game selection and only show games I have the ROMS for? This will be the first of many questions I expect but any advice appreciated. I ideally would like a system which a whole collection of games/emulators which functions to start with that I can improve over time. As I say I only have the basic LaunchBox at present but happy to purchase the full version just got to decide on lifetime or not (it does appear to have gone up in price since I started on this project). Thanks in advance!
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