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  1. Cheers! Support is limited to Redump and No-Intro -- that's more than enough to occupy my time :)
  2. Cheers I don't have the language + other metadata for those systems, no. You can still plug the dats in, and build the relevant clone lists, but the language filter won't be as effective as it is on other systems.
  3. Retool GUI tutorial Load the Retool GUI, either by running retool-gui.exe or retool-gui.py. Don't close the command prompt window or the program will also close. Click File > Check for clone list updates. This is especially important if you've downloaded the Windows binary, as by default clone lists aren't included. If you've got one dat you want to convert to 1G1R, click Choose single dat, then select the file. If you have a whole folder of dats to convert, click Choose folder of dats, then select the folder. Click Choose output folder, then select the folder
  4. Looks like the command prompt flashing issue is related to having multiple Python installs and Windows not knowing what to do with them. I'll have a binary version up by tomorrow that will take a few seconds to start up, but should bypass this problem altogether. Edit: Okay, there's now a Windows binary available that should make things a bit more friendly for those with this issue. Make sure to update the clone lists from the File menu before using.
  5. Good to know! Sorry my reply took so long, I didn't get a notification on the thread, which means I probably missed a setting somewhere 🤔 If I were to take a wild stab in the dark, you might have both Python version 2 and 3 installed on the desktop, which could be getting in the way. Or it could be a path issue. Perhaps I should bundle up an .exe after all, even if it is huge -- it might help avoid some installation issues.
  6. This sounds like the dependencies haven't installed correctly. I'll need your assistance in doing some command line work to get things working for you. Hit me up with a private message Useful to know: - What OS you're using. - What version of Python you installed. - What steps you followed for installation.
  7. Howdy folks, I've been beavering away at this for the past year or so as a project to learn Python. Retool converts Redump and No-Intro dats to 1G1R, doing a better job than dat managers with parent/clone dats. It has both GUI and CLI versions. You'll still need a dat manager to use the files Retool creates, such as CLRMamePro, RomVault, or Romcenter — you just won't need to use their 1G1R modes, as Retool will have already done the work for you. Why not use CLRMAMEPro or Romcenter's 1G1R mode with a parent/clone dat? Historically if you wanted to create a 1G1R set,
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