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  1. Start up themes in big box options..download a new one
  2. Hi All, im just wondering..I have auto generated child playlists for all my platforms which is fine. my issue is that I’ve made a few custom platform category’s (ie My Favorites) but it doesn’t allow me to make playlists inside this category or auto generate playlist... is there a way around this or do I have to make it a new PLATFORM
  3. I sorted it. for anyone who encounters this problem you need software that disables retroarchs ability to detect other controllers except the ones you want. I found something while searching online called Devreorder. Works like a charm and now I can’t restart my computer and not loose all my blueetooth savings in retroarch
  4. Hi all. probably not the forum for it but hopefully a few pros here that can help out. im running bigbox using retroarch as the hub for all my emulators.i have Vewlix cab with jamma harness/keyboard encoder into pc. My issue is that I’m trying to run 2 wireless Bluetooth ps4 controllers for the systems and retroarch keeps reassigning the ports to my May flash wii motes in port 1 and 2. I’ve tried reassigning device type to the ps4 controllers user1 and 2..and for the most part it works until I reset my computer..then it’s all lost. does anyone have this issue or a fix?
  5. Oic...thanks for the reply. is there any workaround for this or do I pretty much have to have 2 Bluetooth controllers
  6. Hi all, I know probably not the right forum but wondering if someone can help.. I have a ps4 controller (bluetooth to PC) and a wired Xbox360 controller (for second player) I have ps4 controller set to user1 in retroarch..however when I reboot my pc it gives user1 to the xbox360 controller and I can no longer map the PS4 controller in retroarch. absolutely infuriating..can anyone assist?
  7. Thanks for your advice.. is there anyway I can do it without using retroarch?? i use a ps4 controller (wireless) and I can’t for the life of me get it to work when using retroarch. I can navigate the menu with it but i can’t map buttons
  8. I also have the bezels I want but not sure how to get them into rocket launcher??
  9. Hi all, I don’t use retroarch as I have had too many issues getting controllers to work through it. So I am instead using stand alone emulators. i want to get bezels for nes and megadrive so much only option is to use rocket launcher. I can’t find any helpful tutorials and have tried to get bezels happening but can’t. Can anyone offer some guidance here please!!??
  10. Nvm I fixed it by restoring a previous version...there goes a months hard work ☹️
  11. I appreciate the information. im still learning. Thankyou for responding.
  12. Hi! thankyou for your reply!! No I’m building my collection from scratch..I think I’ve figured the problem. I used mame arcade importer which I think imports game box art and stuff for roms that I don’t have. im gonna delete it all and just use the rom importer
  13. Hi all, I just downloaded a whole bunch of mame roms on LB. most of them work fine with the mame emulator. However I’ve noticed the ones with additional apps (game versions?) don’t work..unless I pick a particular version and make it default. if I launch the games from mame emulator directly they work.. As I have hundreds of roms like this is there a way to bulk fix this problem??
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