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  1. Hey I had the same problem at start with Retroarch, but in the end got it working. Ensure you have the correct bios and place them in the same folder of your roms and also in the System folder of Retroarch. Test inside Retroarch first and when you got them working there go try in Launchbox.
  2. Hey, You can do this with custom playlists. What you have to do is create a custom playlist and then go to auto populate, in there select for field Star Rating and equals 5, for 5 stars games and so. Check at the picture attached. I tested in my setup and it works. Hope it helps.
  3. Hey! Is there a way to create a playlist with background music for all platforms? I have tested that I can add music to Example: Music/Background/Platforms/SNES - and the music I place in those folders play when inside the platform. But what I want to do is more general and optimal (space wise) and is to have a general playlist that will play inside platforms. I read in some posts about the existence of a playlist DIR and also in Bigbox there is an option in Sound - Use Platform/Playlist/Category-Specific Background Music, but I can't make it to work. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  4. Great to see this is implemented, just a quick question. Any way to configure Bigbox so the background music plays only in the game selection? That way will not interfere with the videos in the platform section. Thanks and keep the good work!
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