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  1. Thats fixed it, ideal thanks I never knew that feature existed Appreciate yours and everyones help with this and the quick replies, I am sure I will have more questions as I delve deeper back into this. Jonny.
  2. Agai guys thanks for this, coming back into this hobby after a long long time away. Things have moved on A LOT in a good way though, very impressed with the Launchbox front end and RetroArch all though at times has proved painful when you get it right is really good, I am trying to keep as much of the setup n there as possible to keep things easier.
  3. Just realised it is saying missing core files in Launchbox when taking screenshot of associated devices. I have added the Bios files to the susytem folder though as previously mentioned, why would it still be showing this?
  4. How would I find that out? there did not seem to be anything other than the file name with the files. I was not aware I was downloading MAME roms also if I am totally honest, presumed it would have been the Neo Geo console carts. I may be woefully under prepared for this As I mentioned above it plays in RetroArch with the 'Arcade FB Alpha' core but will not launch in Launchbox would that give any indication as the rom set or which files they are? I keep coming up against issues and have troubleshooted most of them so far successfully, those above I just cannot seem to iron out though.
  5. As per the title I am having issues getting the Neo Geo titles to play in Launchbox, I have them working in RetroArch though. I have downloaded a ton of bios files but I am not sure if they are showing in my RetroArch core list. I have updated the directory path to the correct folder but unsure if I am seeing any new cores there. I have a similar issue with Saturn games and the medafen core not showing there despite adding the bios and even updating the file name as per Googles instructions. I got this laucnhing fine but with shitty emulation on a different core in the end. I am new to Launchbox this is my first build, I used to play around with Hyperspin and initially went back to that for this project but found the website was inaccessable and the programme just didnt seem to work. Must say like what I have used so far, so much more user friendly than Hyperspin as well. Any help with the above issue would be helpful, I am unsure what NeoGeo files I have I presumed AES and that was what I scraped them as, they where listed simply as NeoGeo games. The core that loads them in RetroArch was labelled Arcade FB Alpha Thanks in advance. Jonny
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