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  1. Hi I am having an issue with connecting an IPAC to another IPAC (no need to ask why I have 2, it's because my control panel is way too wide for one) in my 4-Player Cab because when I plug each IPAC as a separate USB connections, it basically overlaps the other configuration when I load up Big Box and play a MAME game. Can someone tell me what exact cord or connection piece I need to connect one IPAC to the other one? I also want to do this to save myself another USB port. Or if anyone knows how I can make the computer recognize that I have 2 IPACs at the same time to configure, that would be awesome too!
  2. Thanks Neil, appreciate all your help! So I changed the rompath. Now I'm looking to add three lines to skip some unnecessary screens when loading a game: skip_disclaimer 1 skip_gameinfo 1 skip_validitychecks 1 Where do I add these 3 lines? Under "CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS"?
  3. I literally do not have that file lol. I have everything else in your image. I tried unhiding the folder and it's still not in there.
  4. Ah I see! This is great because I've been looking for this file to remove the splash screen whenever a game loads. But how do I access this mame.ini file?! I don't see it anywhere in my MAME folder. All I see is a "ini" folder but this has two additional folders "examples" and "presets" which I don't think is what I'm looking for.
  5. Hi, so I'm having an issue where everything was imported fine onto my LB/Big Box except the arcade games don't load (it just says "Initializing..." and then quickly goes back to Big Box screen) because I had moved the roms to my HDD. The ROMs are so huge that I needed to store them elsewhere so I moved them to my HDD while my MAME sits in my smaller SDD. The problem is that now the filepaths for all my arcade games are messed up. I know this is the problem because I tested it by copying a game folder into the default roms folder in MAME and it now loads fine. I know there's a bulk file path change for Launchbox for emulator-directing, but how about the reverse? I really don't want to re-import everything because it took me nearly a day to import everything. Is there an easy solution for this? Thanks in advance.
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