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  1. Hi all, I am not new to emulation but am new to launchbox. I have a 10tb hyperspin build, a 1tb RetroFE external SSD build, and a 512 retropi/Retroarch build. I’m looking to build a 512gb plug-and-play launchbox setup on a USB stick. I’ll be running it on a gaming PC that does not have internet access, but it will be assembled on a laptop with WiFi. I will be installing the newest gen emulators on this as well (Yuzu, Xenia, Citra etc.) my question is, can I download LB to the usb stick from the laptop and save everything I need in terms of cores, etc., to the usb, so that it is “plug and play” and can be run from the USB on my gaming PC? thank for the assistance!
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