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  1. I still have this issue, though I seem to have it less regularly. For instance, today I reinstalled Launchbox and upon launching, it said there was an update available (11.0). So it automatically installed the update and when it started again, the same 'Loading Interface...' problem happened.
  2. Okay it seems to be better now. I'm just used to leaving launchers open after having played a game and doing something else on my pc. Like Steam, EGS, etc. Looks like I need to change my behaviour a bit.
  3. Define odd way? One of two things happens: I shut down the pc by using the start menu > power > shutdown. Or I close Launchbox by using the X at the top right.
  4. Okay so this worked for a bit, and now the issue has returned...
  5. This might have done the trick. Re-installed over the original install and rebooted. This would normally have caused the issue 100% of the time. Now it starts up normally. Thanks for helping me out!
  6. Sorry, it works for now. But the old one used to work fine as well, before I started having issues. So I need to spend some more time with it, before I'm sure the problems are solved.
  7. Hey thanks for your quick reply. I've installed a new instance in another location. Is there an easy way to get all my games in the new instance without having to import and scrape all my games again?
  8. Hi, I'm having issues with Launchbox on a regular basis. When I try to start Launchbox, it gets stuck on 'Loading interface'. I have to kill it, start it again and the same thing happens. I repeat this a few times and then it finally works again. If I don't do anything, it just keeps trying to load the interface. I've left it on for 10-15 minutes once, but nothing happened. I've tried searching for solutions and found that Rivatuner of Afterburner can cause problems. But I don't have those programs installed. I've attached a screenshot and logs. Debug 2020-06-25 12-05-03 PM.log
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