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  1. OK, thank you very much for your reply. Is this something, which can be addressed in far future updates? Best regards
  2. Hi, I've played a few games with my buddy the other day and noticed, the pausescreen coming up sometimes randomly. I set my Pausescreen to come up on the Button 7 + 10 (DS4 = L2 + Start or XBone Select + R3). I've noticed, that Launchbox calls the Pausescreen, when I press the Button 7 on my Controller and my Buddy presses the Button 10 on his Controller. I have to set the option "Enable all connected devices" to on, because I have a lot of different controllers and want to use all of them. Is it possible for Launchbox to distinguish which controller pressed a Button, so the pausescreen only gets called when one controller uses the combination of the buttons 7 + 10? Best regards
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