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  1. I'm getting some to work through launchbox, but some will just go to like a dip switch menu? More are working just through MAME. I haven't tested every game obviously. Also some are saying CHD missing. Forgive my ignorance please, I don't understand where a CHD would be.
  2. Ah sorry, new here. and THANK YOU. That seemed to have worked. I cannot get them to run. I have the correct version of MAME in my LB emulators, it just goes to an Initializing screen and goes back to main menu. This list was all tested to work with MAME .219. Any ideas?
  3. Hi! I found this pretty great looking set of roms but can't seem to figure out how to get it imported. ((ROM LINK REMOVED)) I have pretty successfully imported a lot of games for consoles ,but can't figure this one out. So do I need to unzip every game folder first? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thank you I thought I had tried that before, but that did it.
  5. Oops sorry, Retroarch, and its happening on each system.
  6. HI, just getting most things working in LB/BB finally, but one controller is controlling all players at once, I can't seem to figure out why. Using an XBOX One controller right now and soon installing this pc into an arcade cabinet and want to make sure I have things ironed out mostly before doing so.
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