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  1. Hi, I have been using Launchbox with BigBox for a while now, and with my current setup I have been able to play every emulator correctly through Big Box. A couple of weekends ago I installed eXoDOS v5 and imported everything to my current Launchbox installation. With some head-scratching and tinkering I managed to keep everything tidied up. MS-DOS Games in my PC are launched flawlessly with Launchbox, but problems arise once I try to launch them over BigBox in Steam Link. Instead of the game running, all I get is 3 huge white lines over a black backround, the "Connection lost" i
  2. I'm facing a similar issue, in my case with Steam Link. Hope there's a solution?
  3. Hi, First of all, I have read through the many posts addressing this issue, but no consistent solution or at least initial guidance has been written as of today (or I haven't found it). With that said, on to the problem: so I recently bought BB as I'm setting up a comfy way of playing through my collection in the couch. I have already set up a Launchbox to work with various systems such as Super Nintendo, NES, Genesis, Arcade or N64. Flawless performance, no issues with anything so far. Problems start when I try to configure it through Steam Link. I followed the official tutoria
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