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  1. No i dont and when i try to update it say already up to date then I go to LB and do what you just told me and it has done nothing but I have read on retroach that there still fixing issues on here so ill have to wait. Thank you so much for all your help it help me to better understand how the program works.
  2. So I didnt have any games with that cord but I just updated it. I have try to start up a nintendo and super nintendo and nothing. So I looked in RA and the cords are downloaded.....i am so lost and sure it something simple that I am over looking im am very new to all of this and trying to learn as much as I can.
  3. Thank you i check that and everything file and location is where it supposed to be and nothing i can still open retroarch and play games from inside but can't do it from launchbox
  4. So I loaded up a game in retroarch and it works but then when I launch a game in launchbox nothing?
  5. Update so retroarch is kinda up and running i downloaded some cords but when I click on a game it won't start up so any help would be great.
  6. oh man thank you sir for all the help and i will keep checking
  7. hello everyone so I have downloaded launchbox and retroarch place retroarch in my launchbox files and it won't load up. All my games have been downloaded with box art an all. So I open retroarch and there is no emulators inside of the program at all i need any help folks that would be much appreciated.
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