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  1. I was just getting ready to update my post as you replied. I had already set the image priority as you described, checking "Screenshot - Game Title" and moving it just under "Advertisement Flyer - Front". It had no effect at first, the images were still blank. What I didn't realize is that once you do this, you have to select all your games and click "Refresh Selected Images". Once I did that, the settings from image priority updated and everything is working correctly now. Thanks for your reply!
  2. As the title says. One specific example is Tetris for the NES. There are three versions, the US version, the Japanese version, and the unlicensed Tengen version. In my NES collection I have the US version and Tengen version. Both detect as Launchbox ID #98523. Clicking that link redirects to here (https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/48523) , which is clearly the Japanese version. I easily found the correct one (https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/1382), but there is no way for me to specify that. I can clear the ID with the X button but can't enter the correct one manually. Clicking search metadata only turns up the same incorrect result. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if it didn't detect BOTH games as the Japanese version. Because they are the same ID, it is sharing images for them. If I delete all the incorrect images for the US version, it also deletes them for the Tengen version. Since there's also no way to specify which image you want for a particular game (seems like you should be able to do that, too), I can't display different box art for these games despite both being available. Is there truly no way to change the detected game ID?
  3. Yes, I imported the romset and just clicked "Select none" for launchbox and emumovies media download. I did download metadata. After it was complete, I right-clicked the Arcade platform and chose "Audit arcade". There you can easily see which games have no media. For example, if you click the "Video snaps" header, it will place all games that have no video downloaded at the start of the list. Then you can easily highlight them all, right click them, and select "Download media". This allowed me to easily download all the media I was missing without duplicating what I already had. One annoyance I ran into afterward is that it defaults to using the advertising flyer for the main display image. I like that, but not all games have one. In those cases it would be nice to have a way to fall back to some other image (I'm using the game title screen). There is a menu on how to prioritize certain types of media, but the settings seem to have no effect when I change them. So I'm having to manually copy the game title images for the missing games into the ad flyer image directory. It's rather tedious TBH and it seems like this is something that should be able to happen automatically.
  4. Nevermind, I worked around the issue.
  5. So far I've imported Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Famicom, Super Famicom, and Sega Genesis full rom sets with no issue. The freeze first happened before when I tried to import my Sega Game Gear games. It got all the way down to W and just hard froze while downloading one of the media files for a game. I thought there might be an issue with that game, but that wasn't it. Since the import failed, it didn't even show the new platform under Handheld. But I knoew the images downloaded, so I was able to work around it by importing just the roms that it had already downloaded the media for and choosing not to download the media again. That worked, and now that Game Gear was showing up under Handhelds, I just imported the few games that were left (including the one it crashed on) with no issues. This was easy due to the fact that it doesn't move the roms out of your working folder until the media finished downloaded. Well now I'm importing my MAME set. It is a merged 0.217 full set. I was hoping that was an isolated incident, but it has frozen again downloading the ad flyer for gunforceu. When this happens, I can still use launchbox normally, start games, etc. The progress bar is just frozen there forever and any attempts to start a new process like importing give the "You already have a process running" error. I don't think my workaround for Game Gear will work here, because as you know MAME files are dependent on each other and should be imported as a full set. I highly doubt there is an issue with gunforceu. I had no issues importing the game that crashed before, so it seems something else is locking it up. Searching the Launchbox directory revealed a Logs directory but it was empty so no help there. As for power settings, I have it set to never put the computer to sleep and turn off the monitor after 30 minutes. There is also a setting to turn off hard drives after 20 minutes of inactivity, but it won't turn them off when in use and I have left it inactive for longer than that without causing an issue. Anyone else having this issue? I'm thinking maybe I might have to import the MAME set without downloading media and then do it later, but that sounds like it could be a real pain. Any help would be appreciated.
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