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  1. These were imported with the 'Steam' and 'Epic Games' not 'Windows' games I imagine this is the issue I'm having then. A little bit intuitive if that is the issue as these are technically 'windows' games. Would changing the metadata of like the Status or Source fields get the result I was hoping for?
  2. Well that does work for whichever games I load that configuration in to. Kind of a pain to do so for all Windows games. Honestly even more puzzling why I'm having an issue with the other 'AHK Scripts for Windows'. Just for the hell of it I tried temporarily replacing the AHK exe in third party with the other I had installed and still no dice for the 'AHK Scripts for Windows'. I'm considering trying to delete my 'Windows' platform and recreate it/re import games to see if there is in fact something wrong with how my platform got configured or something.
  3. Ok so firstly nothing is set to run as admin, not the LB/BB or third party folder exe for AHK. Yeah I do have another installation of AHK I had installed for troubleshooting purposes. So after I added the soundbeeps in those 2 places and got nothing. Went and double checked the game I've been debugging with (I've been using the same one for sanity sake) and it is set to Windows Platform.
  4. I tried this, both with and without quotes around the executable path Still nothing before startup; Not a failure, not AHK launching, not the targeted EXE, just the game that was launched.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't appear to improve the situation. With the quotes my AHK actually errors on syntax if I run it outside of LB/BB and it still doesn't get run by the execution inside of LB/BB. I also tried cleaning up the syntax by removing the quotes, such that it would run outside of LB/BB properly (basically just your Esc binding changes) and still no execution from LB/BB. At this point I'm assuming there's either some type of bug with the execution or there's some type of permission issues with my LB/BB files or executables such that it can't run the AHK script on game execution.
  6. Good to know regarding killing the running game. Yeah I'm not really opposed to games getting terminated non-gracefully in most cases and it's not like that excludes the option to use the game menus anyway. I get it though it's like hitting alt f4 or some other forced exit, in terms of small potential to cause some issues on occasion. And no if I only use LB/BB to run the game, the AHK script never seems to start, so the xinput application doesn't start at all nor does the escape binding do anything. Again if I run it on the side and launch something through LB/BB the script works as expected with the exception of exiting the game application, it starts the xinput application and the escape key does close the xinput application.
  7. Yep this basically works except that the last line of the script does nothing, so where I would expect whatever game application to close it remains open(though I've stolen that from other AHK scripts I've seen on the forum and my understanding is that's a LB/BB specific thing that can close applications executed by LB/BB). It really appears as though it is just not getting executed at all by LB/BB on Windows game launch.
  8. I'm on ver 11.6, windows 10 I am attempting to use the AHK Script before launching Windows game(via the tools menu options) to run a program to map keyboard inputs to x-input before launching windows games. Whenever I launch Windows games in both Launchbox or Big Box it doesn't seem like the AHK gets executed at all. I've attempted to execute the AHK script on its own with AHK and it works outside of Launchbox/Big Box with no issues.
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