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  1. For my local install a playlist would work and indeed I have created many of my own. However, this is a feature request for the Launchbox Games Database. The aim is slightly different from the 'favourite' or 'best of' lists. It's more for factual game series metadata. See information from Wikipedia for this game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rush'n_Attack#Home_computers . A simple sample entry might look like this Green Beret (Arcade) (1985) Related Games: Green Beret (ZX Spectrum) (1986) Green Beret (Commodore64) (1986) Green Beret (Amstrad CPC464) (1986) Green Beret
  2. So this is a fairly big feature request, but everything needs to start somewhere. In the Movie metadata databases they have a feature called collections. This is where they group a series of related films together. An example is the Star Wars Movie Collection you can see it here https://www.themoviedb.org/collection/10 Scope could be as big as 'All sonic games' across all platforms, all versions of a single game across platforms e.g. Green Beret, or versions of a game on a single system 'Roland games on Amstrad CPC 464' Primarily it helps you navigate to other versions or related gam
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