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  1. I already added RetroArch and cores but the strange thing is that I select Flycast (Dreamcast core) and it doesn't work when I try a game on launchbox? I went to the 'Edit Emulator' and set up, etc but when I try a game, I see RetroArch sign showing up and then crash. What did I do wrong?
  2. Ok, I don't want to force you to do something like that. Just wondering if there is a way but I will do what you said. Alright, I will look into RetroArch again. Can you or anyone suggest a guide for which is best emulator / core for each system to be included for RetroArch? I already done my research for emulators but not on cores for RetroArch. Some guides are outdated or incomplete, etc. I will check the tutorial section for merging RetroArch with Launchbox and Big Box. And how to update it too.
  3. I tried RetroArch and its so complicated. I was hoping for an easy way to update all. Maybe a command or something.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know a program or something to make updates automatically? I mean, updating each emulator can be tedious . . .
  5. Ok, I will check it out after I subscribe to it. Any more advice about the EmuMovies? Thanks for everything, you have been a great help!
  6. Um, is it possible to download all videos I need then I can keep them forever after 1 month expired?
  7. Ok, I see the 'Nintendo Entertainment System' and inside shows 'Recordings', 'Theme' and 'Trailer'.
  8. Hi, I have been tinkering and I couldn't find out why it kept showing the screenshot of the game when I wanted to see game video playing like the 'colorful' theme demo shows it. Any Idea?
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