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  1. I'm really excited with how my launchbox build is going and I'm really starting to get everything polished and streamlined right now. I installed a full ROM split set and it has been working great (once I figured out how to get the same set that matched the MAME version I was running). I was able to import my full ROM set super easy with the wizard, but now as I am trying to fine tune things I would like to add just a single MAME ROM to Launchbox. Is that possible? When I extracted the single ROM I wanted to install, I extracted it to a file that was in my launchbox directory, but it had like 30 files that after it was done extracting. When I went to Launchbox, I imported that file into MAME and it said 30 games were installed. None of them have pictures with them and they all done work. Obviously something is wrong but I dont know enough about all this to know what happened. Is my copy of the ROM not a split set and that is why it wont work, because the rest of my ROMS are? Are you not able to just add a single ROM to MAME? Thanks for any help on this.
  2. Thanks for responding with such good info.....So Do I have to have a premium subscription active, or can I be a premium member for say a month, and then install all the movies I want in that month or do I have to stay a premium member? I'll have to check out the playlist videos...I haven't stumbled across that yet...is it hard to install? I just installed the bezel project and really happy with that! This stuff is so cool!
  3. Thanks everyone for your help...I downloaded an older MAME list and it seems to be more compatible with my edition of MAME and things seem to be working better!
  4. Hello, I am new to Launchbox, but I feel like I am starting to get a pretty good build for my front end as I am getting things ready for my arcade build. Right now I have all my emulators and roms working fairly well and consistently within launchbox....while there is still some tweaking I need to do, it is running well and I am able to play and enjoy it. One thing that is driving me a bit nuts is my theme. I have the ever popular and beautiful Unified as my big box theme and for the most part it works. But there are some glaring omissions. The first is on the platform selection wheel.....I have none of the movies working like you see in the demo. I have posted screenshots of my screen when Nintendo is selected and then the screenshot when you see the Nintendo screen on the demo. Why is mine not working? I created and attached an emumovie acount and I even have some movies showing up when individual games are selected (the popular ones). Do I have to be an emumovie premium member...at least long enough to download the right movies? And if so how do I find and select the correct movies for what I am missing? Thank you for any help....I am just wanting to really make this build shine and thats the main reason I went with launchbox.
  5. Thanks for responding. I don't know why I didn't think to try running XMEN directly through MAME. When I did that, I got this alert: I am not sure what that means, but I think it means my ROMs is bad or missing some pieces? Then I noticed that when I search XMEN in MAME that there are many ROMs that come up. One ROM is highlighted in white and many other similar ROMs below it that are greyed out: From what I can figure (which is probably common knowledge for all of you) is that the ROMs that is white is the "Parent Driver" while the grey ones are "Clone Drivers" of that parent driver. I'm not sure how all that works, or what it means, but when I click on one of the greyed out ROMS, the XMEN runs and I can play it. Is there any way to make the "Parent ROM" work or make it so one of the working clone ROMs is the one recognized by MAME as the default to play? I feel like there is something fundamental here that I need to understand about MAME and it will help me with other issues. For example XMEN is not the only ROM that is not playing when I click on it. There are a lot of games in my Capcom III play set that are doing the same things and I think if I understand what is going on here I can fix them all. Can someone help me unlock the secret? Thanks!
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I am a beginner here. I just started messing around with LaunchBox about two weeks ago. I also am not crazy smart about computers like everyone else here it seems. I started my project with the console platforms and then moved to MAME. I followed ETA Primes video and found a full set split that I used and had imported into LaunchBox. I can play most of the games fine but XMen doesnt work. When I tried to run it, I would get a loading, or an initialized box and then it would go away and nothing would open. I thought it might be the ROM so I deleted it and found an individual XMEN rom and downloaded it and had it installed as an individual file. It showed up in my LaunchBox, but did the exact same thing as before. I have tried multiple individual XMen files and they all do the same thing. The xmen movie shows up in my theme, but the game itself wont start. Any suggestions why I cant get it to run? This is a very popular game so I know it must be working for others. Is this a common problem? Is there an easy fix? I would really love to get this game playing as it would be perfect for me and my young boys. Thanks for any help!
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