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  1. @neil9000 you are right, my apologies! When Launchbox imports multiple copies of a game (different regions, etc.) the settings for those are under the "Additional Apps" section of Launchbox: These have different launch parameters from the default Launchbox configuration for the game. The issue was the default was set to use "Dolphin" (my older build that doesn't support RVZ), whereas the "additional" I had correctly changed to use PrimeHack (newer build supporting RVZ) Hopefully this thread is helpful to anyone who comes across this configuration quirk in future. Tha
  2. I'm having difficulty getting Launchbox to launch games stored in the RVZ format with a supported emulator (Dolphin, PrimeHack, etc.) The command window shows a manual startup of the game, which works successfully. When the game is in ISO format, Launchbox can launch it successfully. Is there no way of telling Launchbox to ignore file formats it doesn't recognize? It should be up to the user to configure LaunchBox as they see fit - LaunchBox doesn't need to know the format, it just needs to launch with the configured parameters.
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