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  1. this worked. Thank you for the reply
  2. Trying to import Pacman into launchbox and it imports as Puckman. I have tried to import from Merged, Unmerged, and Split files and the results are the same. Am I missing something in launchbox I need to do to get it to recognize the pacman rom? The rom plays normal in Mame.
  3. found it https://www.arcade-museum.com
  4. Could anyone shine some light on the best method to sort an Arcade mame list according to buttons? Looking to sort the list based on two buttons or less. There is older Software out there no longer supported and was wondering what everyone is using for the task currently?
  5. I need some advice from the community on which direction to go with a monitor. Building a cocktail and I am planning to use a flat IPS monitor. What resolution and size works best with Bigbox, and MAME when choosing a monitor? Does anyone have a good recommendation on a monitor they have installed and works for them? Thanks for any help.
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