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  1. Any suggestions for a mini-pc for a cabinet? More so for Mame, Daphne , Sega Model 3. NOT going to be running xbox or PS etc... I am wondering if some of these mini-pc's can handle FPS for above with onboard graphic or do I need to install a graphics card etc... Thanks Frank
  2. Any suggestions on what setup to run for launchbox (computer-wise). I can run a mobo with no case and place whatever components I need inside, I guess. I been spending a lot of time on the front-end setup but am just starting to think about the hardware now.
  3. Hi I am going to start making my first build in the near future and was wondering if I can get some input on what computer to run it. I like the Raspberry Pi 4 but I do not know much about it except that it is very tiny and a lot of people use it. I just dont know how good it works and I want to have the following emulators running in my Launchbox-BigBox set up and that is what I want to run in the cabinet. MAME SuperModel Daphne I am not really worried about MAME but not sure if the Rasperry Pi will run Daphne and Supermodel and still get the proper FPS to enjoy playing the games. Does the Pi have enough RAM and CPU to do it. I am assuming it does but I just dont know. My PC runs it all no prob but I also have a gaming RIG so it is not a good comparison. Anyway, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated Frank
  4. The "Parents.xml" file must have been corrupted. I reinstalled another application in a different directory and it booted no problem (I ruled out a bad windows file). Then I copied each folder from the original install directory one by one until the new install would not work. Thats how I found it. I copied a fresh "parents.xml" file to my original directory and got it running again. I have no idea why that would cause it to not start... Thanks for reading Frank
  5. I installed Launchbox yesterday and have been using it with no problems since yesterday. I installed a few emulators and was playing them just fine. I was messing around with changing some paths in the platforms area and next time I went to start LB it crashed. I can not get it to run. Big Box will run but LB will not. I am completely baffled and do not know what to do. This was running just fine and like I said I was just playing around and switching themes, adding videos etc... normal stuff but it did happen immediately after I was changin the platform settings. Is there a log_file somewhere that I could post? If there is I do not know where to look... So far, I have uninstalled, restarted PC, reinstalled to no avail. I repaired a whole bunch of my Microsoft Visulal c++ files. ( I did not remove and reinstall I jus did a repair) I did get something about "kernel32.dll" and coreCRL.dll in the windows management errors Thanks Plz let me know if there is anything else I can post to assist with my problem FV
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